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Veiling lacquer in the wood finishing

Veiling lacquer is a finishing material that is specially made to imitate the "spider web looked" in the antique finishing. As the name, this veiling lacquer is actually a kind of clear coating (lacquer) which is designed specifically to be more elastic so that it can be applied to form as rope that can make effect like a net or a spider’s web on the finishing. The veiling lacquer finish (finishing with the spider web looked) is one of the antique finishing model for furniture. The veiling lacquer will bring the impression of old and dirty looked to the furniture. The veiling lacquer together with the glaze application will make the "life looked" to the finish. Veiling lacquer is available in the clear (no color) form. We can tint the lacquer with some pigment to make the desired color. With the proper mixed pigment, we can make any color, but most widely used is the black and brown. 

veiling lacquer finish
 veiling lacquer finish

The veiling lacquer application
Veiling lacquer is usually applied on the 2nd sealer or top coat, after the finish has enough film layer, when we can see the finish color in there. The color of veiling lacquer usually is different and contrast with the color of the finishing underneath. The contrasting effect between the veiling lacquer and its underneath will produce attractive effect and life looked. 

Veiling lacquer should be applied with a special spray gun to produce the desired effect. To get the effect, we need to let the material is splashed with very minimum air pressure. The pressure port gun or the spatter gun is the best toll to apply the veiling lacquer. But if there is not available, a gravity cup gun with the proper settings can be used but with little bit limited in result. The spray gun is set with low volume of air pressure so the material can be spread without atomization. The spray gun is set in the low air pressure with the material is also in small amount. The out material will result in material expenditures such as ropes that are not continuous and would result in such form random cobweb on the surface.  
After the veiling lacquer is laid off at the surface, then it has to be layered with a layer clear coat (sealer or top coat), otherwise it will easily detached from the surface. One layer coat with sealer or top coat lacquer will give the protection to the veiling effects and make it is strongly stuck to the surface. 
We can continue do dry brush glaze on the veiling lacquer to make more dramatic effect. The combination of the veiling lacquer and glaze is making the very attractive antique finishing. 

antique spider web finish
white veiling lacquer finish

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