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Waxing lacquer in the wood furniture finishing

Wax finsh

Wax finish is one the finishing model that was very popular finish in the past. In the 18th century wax finish is very popular to use in wood furniture finishing processes. Wax finish can fill the pores and grain and produce an attractive and soft finishing looked with a soft and slippery felt surface. Today, wax finish is still preferred by some people. Until now wax is still widely used as finishing materials for finishing furniture.
But the use of wax as finishing materials has several weaknesses. Wax can not give the protection for the underneath surface and take long time to application at the finishing modern process. While the appearance of the wax finish is still much loved by many people especially those who love antique furniture.
Antique furniture is furniture with a model that copies the old-fashioned furniture that is made in the past. Antic finishing that completing the antique furniture needs to replicate the finishing that was done with traditional finishing materials in the past. For those reasons, some modern finishing materials made to create the finishing looked generated by the traditional finishing materials, such as wax finish. One of modern finishing materials that are designed to produce effects such as wax finish is a glaze. Glaze is made for filling and coloring in the pores and cracks of wood is to duplicate the appearance of the wax finish.
Another modern finishing material that is made to duplicate the effect of the wax is the waxing lacquer. Waxing lacquer is a type NC lacquer that is designed to produce film surfaces that look wet, waxy and smooth surface felt like a wax finish. But however this material is different with wax, waxing lacquer is NC based finishing material with certain additives. Waxing lacquer can be applied over NC sealer or lacquer with lacquer by spray. The character of waxing lacquer such as the drying time, the application, the solvent, etc. is similar with the regular NC lacquer. As a last layer of lacquer waxing is also available in a variety of sheen to meet the finishing requirement.
Wax lacquer can be used to strengthen the impression of antic looked in a finishing process. The appearance of antic is made by using glaze or stain with a few special finishing techniques such as distress, cow tail, dry brush, spatter, etc., And then the waxing lacquer helps give the impression of an antique in the resulting surface. Some models antic finishing would be more suitable by using waxing lacquer as a final top coat. The waxing lacquer is more suitable for finishing to the antic antique furniture, the furniture models that base to the old furniture model when wax finish was popular.

Unlike the wax finish which does not form a film layer, finishing with a waxing lacquer as well as NC finish will form a film layer that can provide protection to the substrate beneath. But this film also not precisely can took the appearance with the real wax finish which uses wax as a finishing material. The waxing lacquer will give the smooth, soft looked and slippery felt finish  like wax finish.

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