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Gold finish for furniture

Gold color

Gold color is one of the colors that mostly used in the furniture finishing. Gold color in the furniture product that will make the product will look luxurious and expensive. Gold color is widely used on the furniture product with Italian or the Middle East styles. In a furniture product, the gold color is also widely used as a combination with transparent colors or other solid color. For the American-style furniture, the gold color is usually only used in certain parts as a highlight and many are made with antique looked. Antique gold finish is done by combine the gold color with the glaze application and antique techniques like distress, dry brush and other necessary techniques.
The application of gold color is need to be done on a smooth surface, so it always applied on the sealer or top coat.  On the gold finish the surface underneath is a very important factor that determines the appearance of the resulting gold finish. The smooth and even.surface will produce a strong golden effect. The rough surface will absorb the gold color and make the gold effect can not appear optimally.
There are various types of materials to make the gold color, but according to application there two types of gold color stain, the gold paint and gold leaf. 

 gold paint finish

  • Gold paint
Gold paint is the gold color in a liquid form. The gold paint is made from a mixture of gold powder by a liquid solvent, which has a function as binder or base for the gold powder. Gold paint can be applied by brushed or sprayed on the surface. Gold paint is available in several types depending on the gold powder content and the fineness of the grains. The higher the gold content of the powder used will make the gold effect stronger and more visible. The base or paint thinner that is used is usually a mineral spirit with a little amount of resin
Gold paint is usually applied over the sealer or top coat which has a flat and smooth surface. The application gold for wide and big surface is usually done by spray, to produces an even and smooth surface, while the brush application is mostly done to make a highlight effect on the finishing appearance when the gold color only on applied on a some specific part as a eye catching for the whole finishing looked. 

Gold leaf pattern depend on the way leaf is attached

  • Gold leaf
Gold leaf is gold colors in the form of thin sheets or like a gold paper. The sheet is needed to be attached on the surface to get the gold finish. As well as the gold paint applications, the gold leaf also needs a smooth surface to get the maximum gold effect. Gold leaf was applied to the surface with a kind of glue. The glue is known as the gold leaf sizing is a special glue which is design for the job of attached the gold leaf to the surface.
Gold leaf sizing is coated to the surface by brush or sprayed evenly and then awaited dry, and then sheets of gold is attached on the surface. On a big flat surface, then the application of gold leaf sizing and the placing gold sheets should be done carefully, the pattern of placing the sheet will looked at the color of gold produced.
As with gold paint, gold leaf is available also in  variety  of types.  The types and quality of the gold is depended on the gold content of gold used as a material sheet and also depends on the thickness of the gold sheet. 

 antique gold finish

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