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Oak wood for furniture

Oak wood is one of the most popular wood in the woodworking industry. It is used for many purposes : building product, indoor furniture outdoor furniture, house, flooring etc. The oak trees grow and are found in countries that have four seasons like the U.S. and Europe. Oak wood has many advantages: very strong, relatively easy to be handled, available in sufficient quantities and has a very attractive appearance. It can be used to make any furniture, indoor furniture, outdoor furniture with good and nice appearance. Most of the furniture in the early 17th century in the U.S. and Europe was made using oak wood. It may because oak wood was the readily available wood in many parts of this area. Although current production of furniture now is much done in the developing countries and many new wood species was introduced to make furniture, but the oak wood for furniture is still widely used for the furniture industry. Many furniture factories in the tropical country import the oak wood and veneer to make the oak wood furniture. 

oak wood has nice grain and looked
Oak wood has nice grains and pores.

Since the wood is growing in many developed countries, the oak wood can be obtained relatively easily from sustainable farmed forests. The issues about environmental such as wood certification and illegal logging is never be a problem for this wood. For furniture manufacturer oak wood has a lot of advantage. He has great strength and hardness, and is very resistant to insect and fungal attack.
Also it has very attractive grain markings That will create great look in the construction of fine furniture product. Oak wood is also considered strong enough so that it is also widely used as raw material for outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture from oak is mostly made in Europe or US the countries where the oak is obtained because of the economical reason. While for indoor furniture there is lot of furniture made in the developing countries by using the veneer for the panel and the local substituted wood for the solid part. 

two tone oak table

Oak wood furniture with 2 tone finish

Finishing for the oak wood.
Oak has large pores and grain with unique pattern and a very strong character grain. His light greenish brown base color makes it very suitable for furniture products. The less red color is very suitable with the furniture market that usually does not like the red color. With proper stain mixing, then almost any color can be made with the oak wood. But usually the finishing color for the oak is close to his basic color. The dark brown or light brown color is lot uses for oak furniture.
Oak wood have a strong character grain with big and many of pores. With the proper glaze and stain the oak wood can produce a very nice furniture product. The pores and grain can be exploited to make very attractive appearance. In some finishing, the pores and grain can be filled and colored by a glaze or filler in contrast with the color of the wood. This will give stronger effect to enhanced his unique pores and grain.
For closed pore finish, the application of filler is required to fill the big pores and grains of the wood. But although many and big, the pores for this wood are shallow, so the filler application for this wood can be done with relative ease. The application of filler once or two time is usually sufficient to fill the pores of this wood. The problems that is caused by the filler application such as: bubble and pinhole almost never found in the finishing process for this wood. 

oak wood cabinet
Almost all models of finishing can be used for this wood. Antique finishing with very dirty and lot of distress is suitable for this wood and create an interesting looked furniture product. There also many oak furniture with just little distress and little antique effect in the market. Even a simple finish with natural color or finishing with wax or oil application could produce an interesting look for the oak wood.

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