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Story about great furniture finishing man

Story about furniture finishing

For you are, who may want to be a professional furniture finishing, please take time to read this story.  Or you may have a similar experience?  Please join the experience.
There was a furniture exhibition, a big and prestigious expo that was well known as a regular event in the world furniture business, where the furniture business meetings take a place. The exhibition hosted for three weeks, many furniture manufacturers and buyers use to meet in this expo.  Many furniture manufacturers were featuring their new designs and models expected to attract visitors and got orders for their products.
There was a furniture business manufacturer which also features his products to be displayed at the exhibition.
There were two set of occasional table with sofa on his venue. One table was a set of occasional tables made of metal with a 10 mm clear glass as a top table. The table base was made with four legs that are that are connected each other. Each foot was made of four iron plate (about 50 mm wide and 5 mm thick) that curved and shaped like the petals tied. This base was painted by powder coating in bone white color.
While the other one was occasional table set with similar design but with a more slender shape. The
base consist of 4 leg, each leg was made of four 10 mm metal cylinder that was curved and tied shaped like flower petals. The top was a 10 mm thick glass with a dark black color. The base was painted with black paint color using a powder coating as well as the metal product.

The expo was already run for two weeks, but both tables are almost never seen by the visitors. No peoples were attracted to even see and viewed those tables. Until then in the last week the owner met an experienced furniture finishing man which was walking around in the expo. After few minutes speaking and discussing, finally owner of the furniture decided to ask for help to the finishing man for improving the tables’ appearance so that both can be more interesting.
Then they brought the two sets of tables to the furniture finishing shop. After observing in a few moments the finishing man started to do his job. He added a white glaze on the black table with a few highlights, so the table has a white look with black hang ups on some parts. While for the white table he added a splash of red brown small texture paint spattered on its white color. The spatter heavy was gradually from the center to the outer. Then he also added a little dry brush with red brown glaze at the edges to give the little antic impression.
 After several hours of workmanship and the two tables was brought back to the exhibition which was still ongoing. And then what happens? Those tables attracted many visitors and then they were sold very quickly. The story was not just stopped in here, the tables were still in great demand, and many more peoples still ordered those products for the next few years. 

This is a true story that really happened, that could describe how great furniture finishing man did his job. A great furniture finishing man is not only a man with expertise on finishing materials and techniques, but is one who can make a difference. A professional furniture finishing should work like an artist. Artist when he sees a furniture product he can find the beauty inside it, and then he is able to reveal the beauty to produce an attractive product. A great finisher is someone who can give life to the furniture products, make the furniture looked lively and interesting. The   art of furniture finishing is the art to incorporate elements of the furniture that already exist such as: design, model, type, substrate and function of the furniture to make a high value furniture product that is interesting and liked by people who use it. What do you think?

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