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Bamboo industry in Indonesia

Cebongan, the traditional bamboo industry center in Indonesia
Indonesia country is one of the bamboo-producing places in the world. The utilization of bamboo in Indonesia has done a lot since long time ago in traditional and heredity. Bamboo trees are available in large amount make this substrate is widely used as materials to make various purposes. Bamboo has lot of uses to make framework and the wall of the house, cutlery, utensils household and furniture since many years ago. Now with the development in the woodworking technology, the uses of bamboo have been replaced with many other materials. Building materials like cement and bricks have replaced the bamboo for the house frame and wall, aluminum has replaced bamboo for cooking utensils and cutlery, while the uses bamboo for furniture has been replaced with wood that has more variation and flexibility than bamboo.

However, there still some peoples like bamboo product since it has unique characters and appearance that cannot be made by other material. His natural and traditional looked make bamboo products are still loved by some peoples. 

In Indonesia there are many bamboo industry centers that are still developing and survive by specialized in making products from bamboo. One of them is the bamboo furniture industry center in Sleman, Yogyakarta. There are a lot of bamboo manufacturers who has been  making many goods from bamboo since many decades ago. Many types of bamboo products are made here, such as: bamboo furniture, household, handicraft and home appliances or even gazebo or bamboo house can be made and ordered in here. The manufacturers here are mostly the people who continue the tradition of making bamboo products hereditary. They started their business and production of bamboo goods with simple tools and production systems that were inherited from his predecessors. But then, with stronger demand for bamboo products with better quality, then they started to improve their production and management system to meet the industry wishes. The bamboo industry here has combined their traditions in the mastery of bamboo with modern production technology and management so they are available to produce bamboo products with high quality.

Here are some sample images of bamboo product. 

lamp cover




  If you interested you can go and visit them in Cebongan and Sendari, Tirtoadi, Mlati, Sleman, Yogyakarta. It just takes about 15 minutes by car from center of Yogyakarta to get there. There area many kind product are interesting, natural and unique available.  They are also available to make the special product design if necessary.  

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