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 Bamboo trees

Bamboo for furniture

Bamboo is one of plant species that is also exploited by human as a material for making furniture.
Bamboo is one of the species that can live easily and commonly found in all regions in the world. China may be the place that has the most species of bamboo in the world. Bamboo plant is known to have many benefits for human life since long time ago to use. Bamboo stem is flexible, strong and durable making it has many advantages for human life. The bamboo tree is also is a renewable sources and can be easy planted with the relative short time of planting shorter than wood trees, so technically easier cultivated than wood trees.
Bamboo has been widely used for human life since long time ago as house frame, furniture and other home appliance. Now with the discovery of other materials, the use of bamboo for house frame and house hold use has been decrease.
The use of bamboo for manufacture of house and the furniture is still done in the villages where bamboo is still widely available in abundant quantities.
At this time the bamboo is more used for the manufacture of handicraft products and furniture to take explore its beauty and uniqueness that make it different with other substrates. The other advantages of bamboo are: it is a natural product that is environmentally friendly, relatively inexpensive, easily cultivated and has unique and interesting shapes. Although less popular than the wood, the uses of bamboo for furniture products are being conducted. His unique appearance and shape can be maximizes to produce a unique and interesting furniture.

 Bamboo furniture

Bamboo tree has a shape like a tube that is empty inside, so it does not  have wide and large surfaces. This makes it somewhat difficult to use bamboo to create a form with a surface area and large. Most of the bamboo furniture is design to emphasize his unique shape and form. But now with the wood processing technology the large surfaces can be made with bamboo slice or bamboo laid or woven sheet. Slice bamboo is also widely used as an accent to make products with a combination of wood furniture.
At the present time with the development of woodworking technology, the bamboo can also be arranged and the laminating surface to form a wide and spacious.
Currently bamboo can also be sliced to create a bamboo veneer, but the use of bamboo is still far less than woods. Bamboo does not have a unique grain like woods, so it is not really has interesting looked and variation match such as wood. The variation of bamboo mostly made made from the variation of the wicker and webbing arrangement. Now with the arrangement  of slice and  veneer match there are more variation can be made with bamboos to create an accent for furniture products. Bamboo  does not have a wide range of unique grain and pores pattern like wood, the bamboo variation is more on the skin that different according with its species. 

Finishing for bamboo
The outer skin of bamboo has a color and patterns that vary depending on the species of bamboo. Therefore, it is to a wide surface area, the bamboo stems is sliced and cut to show the unique appearance of its outer skin. Bamboo slices are then arranged and composed in certain patterns to produce interesting looked. The inside part of the bamboo relatively has uniform shape, since that the arrangement of bamboo is one of the important elements to form an interesting appearance for bamboo product. The finishing for bamboo also has limited choice not as much as wood. Bamboo is mostly finished in natural color. The clear coating application or light stain is widely used for bamboo product. Additional colors with stain and glaze application to create the antic looked is also preferred by some peoples. 

 Bamboo wall

Turn mite or bugs 
Bamboo is a plants favored by insects, it is very ease to get problem with a turn mite or other insect. Actually with the proper way of cutting, by selection the cutting based on age and the right timing it can be obtained durable and strong bamboo products naturally. But nowadays, the modern industry can not do that, the preservation of bamboo is mostly done chemically. The newly harvested bamboo is dipped in chemicals and then continued with the drying process to produce bamboo substrate which is durable and long lasting.

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