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Cherry wood

Cherry wood

Cherry wood for furniture

Cherry is a wood species that is widely used as substrate to make furniture, especially for indoor furniture. The cherry tree actually is planted for its fruit. Cherry fruit is much consumed as a food and material to make a drink that is favored in Europe. The use of cherry wood for furniture is very popular in Europe and America, the area where the cherry wood are widely available. Cherry wood has been used as raw material for furniture in Europe since many decade ago. it was popular before other tropical wood such as mahogany wood is popular. The cherry wood has a nice and unique appearance that preferred by many peoples. There are many furniture with classic or antique model uses cherry wood as raw material.
Cherry wood is considered as expensive wood, the cherry furniture is usually premium furniture with relatively high price. Although now, with the veneer technology there are more furniture can be made with cherry veneer with cheaper price. The
use of cherry veneer is also a solution for the furniture industry in Asia or other places that does not have cherry trees. Furniture industries are using cherry veneer for panels, while for the solid part they use local wood that can match with cherry veneer. Mahogany wood is the mostly used wood to be combined with cherry veneer. The red basic colors and strong grain character of mahogany wood is good match and can be combined with cherry veneer to produce a furniture product with very good result.
The cherry wood grain is very unique and beautiful with soft texture, while his pores are shallow and small. He has a very distinctive unique strip wood grain pattern with stripes of green and purple red create very attractive looked. His wooden base color varies from white in the sap wood to the strong green with reddish stripped in the old wood. The reddish stripes on the green base color will become stronger in the old cherry wood. With the proper finishing we can produce a very unique and interesting appearance.
The cherry wood is hardwood; it can be handled and manufactured with relative ease. This wood can be sanded and finished quite easy without much difficulty. With a proper sanding this wood can be finished without many problems. Finishing problems such as blotchy due to the uneven absorption of wood, or bubble caused by the pore structure, are rarely found in this wood product. 
 Chery wood finish

Finishing for the cherry wood.
This wood has a beautiful grain pattern, his red and green strip inside this wood is very unique that should be enhanced in the finishing. The transparent color finish is the best choice for this wood. Classic finishing in the dark brown color is the widely chosen since it is the easier process according to his green red base color. Antique style finishing is also good choice; its busy wood grain that is already bustling antic looked to form an attractive appearance. The old ages cherry tree will give a reddish green wood color which is very strong; make the finishing color selection for this wood to be somewhat limited. If it is desired a finishing with light color then a bleaching process is needed to whiten his dark color base.
Semi transparent solid colors, especially with the antic looked can also be applied to this wood with an attractive appearance. His strong grain character can still arise with the application of a toner or thin base coat to produces an attractive finished appearance. Solid colors or opaque finish are rarely use for this wood, since it will cover and block his beauty grain and pores pattern which is unique and expensive.

Cherry wood furniture finish

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