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Italian style furniture finishing

Italian table with transparent color

Italian style furniture finishing.

Like elsewhere, furniture models in Italy also develops in accordance with the cultural and economic developments in the region. The Italian furniture has unique style that is different with other furniture styles. The history of furniture in Italy with his models in the past is also widely known and used as a reference for the furniture model in the world furniture design.
At this time Italy is known as a place of luxury goods with high quality, and it is also affect to his furniture products. The Italian furniture is always associated with luxurious, good quality and high price product.

The furniture finishing in Italy is also growing according with the demands of the furniture fashion in this place. The Italian finishing furniture also grows to impress luxurious, expensive and high class finishing looked. Different with the American finishing style which has lot and variety of antique effects that some time is make the furniture looked is very broken and dirty, the Italian style finishing is more clean and tidy looked. The antique Italian finishing that is refer to the Italian furniture looked in the past is always done neatly with relative clean looked.
The transparent color is mostly done by the stain application directly to the wood to enhance the beauty of grain pattern and base color of the wood, but it is always done with relative clean looked and even color. The finishing techniques such as highlights or sand trough, physical distress or stain distress are uncommon. The glaze application is more widely used to fill in the cracks and carvings to make hang up and to add the life impression on the shape and carving. The glaze application is applied evenly to keep the clean looked, elegance and even color.

Gold finish combine with green solid color

 Gold finish combine with transparent color 

The Italian finishing style is also identical with thick, flat, smooth film layer with semi gloss to high gloss sheen. This make the polyurethane clear coating is very popular for Italian style finishing. The polyurethane coating that can produce a thick film layer with  his maximum strength is the best choice for the finish. The polyurethane coating is also give a nice looked that is very familiar with the peoples who like the Italian furniture finish. This condition has directly encouraged the Polyurethane coating technology in this country.  The polyurethane coating from Italy is considered as the best quality polyurethane, especially for wood furniture finishing.
The special finishing techniques that required high skilled workmanship as the marble looked finish is also used with emphasis in finishing with an elegant and luxurious impression. The special technique of gild application is also many uses in here. 

 Mirror with gold leaf finish

Silver finish combine with marble

Italian Empire Furniture: Furnishings and Interior Design From 1800 to 1843
 Italian furniture


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  1. You will really appreciate the details when it comes to Italian luxury furniture. If you are a person of style and fashion Italian way is your bet.

  2. Thanks Alice.

    Yes it is. You have unique collection. They are all luxurious and unique and expressing the Italian style.

  3. Gold finish combine with transparent color is really emperor color. I think it will match-able to all kind of furniture. Thanks for sharing this lovely post.
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