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Rubbing and polishing 2

Equipments and materials are used for rubbing and polishing.

The rubbing process also develops according with developments technology in the furniture finishing process. There are various rubbing processes now available with different looked results. There are also available various kind materials to rubbing and polishing such as compound, wax, steel wool, scotch brite that each has his specific purpose. Now there are also available some special equipments and tools that are design to do the better rubbing process.
Here are some the materials and tools that mostly used in the rubbing process

  •  Sandpaper
Sanding is the first process in the rubbing process to cut the orange peel in the surface to produce flat and even surface. The flat and even surface is very important especially in the finishing with high gloss result. The # 800 until # 2000 sandpaper are available to cutting the finishing film. The sanding for the top coat is also need to be done gradually by using the coarse sandpaper to the finer. To get the high gloss finish the # 1500 or  # 2000 sandpaper are mostly used as final sanding, but for the low gloss the # 800 grade sandpaper is enough. Many peoples prefer to do wet sanding in the rubbing process, even the dry sanding with a good quality sandpaper also can be used for rubbing. In the wet sanding, a liquid is used to reduce the heat arising from the friction between the sandpaper and the finishing film. The material that is designed to help the wet sanding is called rubbing oil, cutting oil or rubbing lubricant. It is a kind of mineral spirit that contain a very little amount of wax.  A soapy water is also good liquid to do wet sanding with good result.

Steel wool
  • Steel wool
Steel wool is a material that is already popular and widely used in the furniture finishing industry. Steel wool is widely used to highlight the glaze or stain or to clean up the excess of glaze, stain or filler in the finishing process. Steel wool sometimes is also used to sand the difficult parts. even it is not really proper material to do it. In the rubbing process steel wool is used to rub the finish in the simple rubbing process. The steel wool is also used to rub the no flat surfaces such as turning, carving, posh, or other difficult part. Steel wool is available in various fineness grades ranging from # 4 grade as the coarser to grade # 0000 as the finest. In the rubbing we use the # 0000 grade, the superfine steel wool.

Scotch brite
  • Scotch brite
Scotch brite is an abrasive which is widely used in furniture finishing industry. The scotch brite is an abrasive that is designed to sand the no flat surfaces. There are many types of scotch brite  available now for many different purposes. In the rubbing process we use a special scotch brite that is designed for rubbing process. The scotch brite is used to rub the surfaces with  the compound material or stone powder to do rubbing for the high gloss finish.  
  • Stone powder (rotten stone or pumice).
Is a powder made from pulverized rock in fine size. This material is used to polish and smooth the surface to make a high gloss finish. How the powder work  is similar with the other abrasives, but since it has fine size it will leave very fine scratch mark and create high gloss in the finish result. The powder is usually used to polish the surface that is already flat by the cutting process. The stone powder is applied using a scotch brite with rubbing machine to produce a high gloss surface..
  • Rubbing compound
Rubbing compound is the development of stone powder. Rubbing compound is actually made of very fine abrasives particles such as the stone powder which are suspended in other additive materials to form liquid or paste form. Rubbing compound is available in various series which has different fineness of the grains of abrasives in it. The compound is used to buff up the surface to create high gloss surface. Like the stone the compound is applied by scotch brite or cloth to buff up the surface to get high gloss finish. The using machine in the compound application is recommended since it helps to get the even and consistent result. 

 30 lbs rubbing machine

15 lbs rubbing machine
  • Rubbing machine.
Rubbing machine is a special machine tin the rubbing process hat is used to sand, rub and polish the surface. The machine will help to make better result since it will make the process  of rubbing, cutting and polishing can be done with more consistent.  Rubbing machine is a double pad sanding machine that each pad strokes back and forth. It is an excellent tool to do the sanding and rubbing on a flat surface. This machine is available in two sizes; the small machine has 15 lbs weight while the big one has 30 lbs weight. To master the sanding use this machine of course need a lot of practices, but soon after we master the machine we can do better sanding. The machine is mostly use for wet sanding or buffing the surface The liquid lubricant will help the sanding process to minimize the risk of clogging and deep scratches. While for polishing we use this machine with scotch brite or steel wool. The steel wool is use when we want the satin finish, but for the high gloss finish we need to do with scotch brite and compound or stone powder.   

 buffing machine
  • Buffing machine 
Buffing machine is a machine that is used to buff or polishing surfaces to make a high gloss finish. The buffing is usually done after good sanding and the surface is already flat and even. The buffing machine is used to clear up the line mark obtained from the sanding process. There area many grade of wool pad that is available to erase the sanding mark and create a high gloss, even surface finish.  

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