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Fire in the finishing room

Fire accident in a finishing materials shop.

It is a story about a paint store that was burned due to negligence of the peoples who works in there. A very sad story, but with it hopefully we can all take lessons from this incident.
There was a small shop of finishing materials in my town. I was quite familiar with the peoples in the store. The owner was a person who had considerable experience in the furniture finishing. He has worked in the finishing industry for many years before founding the stores. He once worked as a salesman of finishing material in a paint company. Then he worked as a mixing room in the color lab at a furniture factor before then decided to build his own business of finishing materials.
At the beginning he built his business he already has a customer. He set up to supply  the finishing materials to the furniture factory where he worked previously. He mixed stain and paint thinner to supply that furniture factory. The furniture factory required a ready to use stain for his finishing process. The owner of the store had ability and experience from his nautical previous works to meet the need of the factory.
He bought pigment, thinner and some other additive material to make the stain and sold stain to the furniture factory. First time he only sold stain and paint thinner into one furniture factory.  A good step for a business since he already had a fairly large customer to work with. Then with time the shop began to pick up new customers. He also began to provide other finishing materials such as sealer, top coat and other finishing material.  
The store also did a blending material and color matching. It was also equipped with some equipment as well as a finishing workshop. There was some simple equipment like a small compressor, spray gun, viscosity cup, measuring cups, agitator, and a few other tools. 
But he forgot the security and safety equipment when establishing the store. The agitator he used was a power electricity agitator. He also did not provide adequate fire extinguishers. Instead of prepare the fire extinguisher he provide a pile of sand to prevent the fire. At that time he had two workers, one administrative person and one mixing person, while the owner worked as a salesman to find new customers.
Until a few months the business running pretty well, until an accident occurs which swept of the entire store and eventually resulted in stopping the business.
On one day the mixing man had to make stain to fill some orders. He put the solvents, pigments and other materials into a pail and stirred hem. A daily work he had often done everyday but that day was the unlucky day for the store. During the agitation, suddenly arisen an electricity spark a from agitator and the spark was fell into the pail where the finishing materials was in there. The mixed of the finishing materials in the pail then get burned.  
Until that time actually the situation here was still quite under control, the mixing man was still pretty cool, he left the bucket and get out taking the sand to kill the fire. But unfortunately the administration (she is a woman) came in and she was surprised and became panic seeing the fire. Reflect she took some water and pour into the bucket with the intention to turn off the fire. And the result was very fatal, the fire was not stop, but  it spread and become uncontrolled to burn other  finishing material. Finally, the entire shop  was burned.  Luckily the peoples who work in it had come out and survived. The building also located far from other building so the fire did not spread to other places. But the entire store was finished by the accident and event the business is stopped since too many loss in this business.

It is a sad story. And it is occurred primarily caused by the careless of the people especially the shop owner. Indeed the store is one of the worst examples of a finishing facility where the safety and security are not addressed.
There are too many mistakes that accumulate in there. The uses of electric agitator to stir the finishing material, no adequate firefighting equipment, and no in preparing and training to handle the emergency situation.
The most important is the wisdom that we can take from the event. There are some lessons we can get from it. The finishing material is a flammable material, and if we decide to play with finishing materials, we also have to prepare a security standards and adequate preparation to deal with emergencies situation.
 There are some things that we can take from this story::
  •   Wherever possible avoid the use of mechanical device that uses electrical power to handle the finishing materials.
  •   Always provide adequate fire extinguishing equipment in finishing room
  •  Always prepare the peoples in he finishing room to anticipate the emergency situation.

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