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Hand painted furniture

 a chair with hand painting 

Hand painted finish is one of the finishing model that is liked by some peoples. Hand painted finish is a combination of art of painting with art of finishing the furniture. Paintings that are usually made on a canvas, it can also be done in a furniture product. The painting in the furniture will be an eye catching as the point of attraction in a furniture product. The painting will give the art value of the furniture and increase the price of the furniture, but it need the proper a combination of art and finishing techniques with the art of painting.  
There are many processes that involve with many peoples in this finish. The painting usually need smooth surfaces, so the process of painting on the wood is done on the sealer or top coat when the surface is already smooth and even. For the solid color furniture the painting is usually done on the base coat or paint color. Then  on the painting we have to apply clear coat and some other finishing job such as staining, glazing or pad stain if necessary. It makes the finishing with hand painted is a long time process. Especially considering that the process of painting is a hand job the has to be done manually. Furniture products is processed until the sealer and then taken to a handyman for painting drawn in accordance with the desired image and then taken back to the finishing room to continue with subsequent finishing processes.
Hand painted finishes are usually combined and created on the antique furniture. Therefore, after the painting is completed then continuing with an antiquing process in the next finishing process. The distressed physically or stain distress such as sand trough, rocking, nailing and glaze application to create the impression antic looked are usually done to the painting finished. The picture images of paintings in made furniture should according to the furniture model. For example, in a furniture product that is made with the model based on a model of the French furniture in the 18th century then the paintings on the furniture should show the atmosphere and condition in France in the 18th century as well. The peoples, dressed style and the stuff should reflect the condition in that time. Although the hands paint furniture mostly made for antic furniture, but there is also found furniture in contemporary style furniture with painting on it. The picture in the contemporary furniture is more clean and tidy and some time is done with an airbrush techniques. 

 Hand painted coffee table

The painting process on the furniture is done among the furniture finishing process. Therefore the materials used to paint must be compatible with materials used for the finishing processes. Inks and dyes used in the delineation for this furniture should be chosen according to the type of clear coating used. For lacquer finish, the latex wall paint is a good stain since it suitable for the lacquer system.  A test of compatibility should be done first to make sure that the pigment is compatible for the whole finishing process. Portrayal of the paint layer should not be too thick, because pigment that is too thick on finishing without adequate clear coating would be risky to get crack or peel off.

Hand-Painted Weathered Wash Finish Storage Dresser 
hand painted furniture

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