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Lacquer finish for the furniture

  NC lacquer finish give very clear looked

Lacquer finish or also called as nitrocellulose finish is a kind of finishing that is very popular and widely used in furniture finishing. Lacquer finish is a finishing process that use lacquer as its main finishing materials. A lacquer is a mixture of resin (clear coating) which will form a hard layer film by evaporation of his thinner. The most uses lacquer in the wood furniture are the nitrocellulose and the cellulose acetate butyrate clear coating. Nitrocellulose coating is a lacquer type material that most widely used for the dark color when the yellowing in the film layer is not affect the final color look. While CAB (cellulose acetate butyrate) lacquer or acrylic lacquer is non-yellowing lacquer used for finishing with white or light color when the yellowing is not allowed.

The lacquer finish is the finishing process that is easier done, it is liked by many peoples in the furniture finishing industries. It is the favorite finish to the furniture factories and finishing shops. The lacquer is one component material that can be dissolved easily using the right solvent. If there is any mistakes which requires stripping of the finishing layer then the removal of the finishing layer can be done easily and quickly. Touch-up or repairing at the lacquer finish layer can also be done easily because the dry finishing layer will always be resolve and converges with the application of the same materials thereon. The layer film formed with this material will always come down and produce a very thin film layer when it is dry. Therefore this finish would have a very thin film and natural appearance. Nitrocellulose which is a one component material is also can be stored in a relatively long time in a close packed without a special room.
Meanwhile, for the furniture users, the lacquer finish is also much preferred because it can produce a finishing with a very natural and beautiful appearance.
The lacquer finish can produce a thin and very clear film coating that can not be produced by others finishing materials. The disadvantage of this finish is his less strength, less resistant to scratches, heat and chemicals. But since the furniture product now is more consider as a fashion product in which more furniture products are replaced since the fashion reason, then the issue about strength become less important. This finish is also cannot withstand to the sun light and rain in the outside weather, so it is not proper to use for outdoor furniture finish. This finish is more suitable to finish the indoor furniture when the looked and beauty is more concerned.

Lacquer finish is the best used coating to highlight the beauty of the finishing
and produce finishing with an attractive appearance. Many antic finishing models, or finishing with other various effects can easily be made with lacquer finish. Finishing with many step and special techniques such as: dry brush, highlighting, smudge pad, cow tail, spatter, spotting, ragging, etc. are more easily to do in the lacquer finish system. A transparent finishing with lacquer finish will produce a finish with enhancement to the beauty of the grains, pores and basic colors of the wood. While finishing with a solid color will be more easily and quickly made using this material. There are a lot of base coat or enamel of nitrocellulose materials are available to create solid color in many models and color which easier and faster to do then other finishing material.

Now there also many finishing materials are developed to produce special effects to use with lacquer finish. Special finishing materials such as: waxing lacquer, crackle paint, texture paint and veiling lacquer are the materials that are used with lacquer finish. The nitrocellulose coating is often used together with other finishing material to produce a finishing with a special appearance. A finishing with polyurethane base and nitrocellulose top coat are widely used to produce the closed pores finish. Nitrocellulose coating on the latex paint is also widely made to produce a finishing with a special appearance. Nitrocellulose lacquer is also applied on many other finishing materials for the refinishing process and restoration of old furniture, since it can be applied on many types of finishing materials.

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