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Powder glaze in the furniture finish.

Powder glaze
Powder glaze as described in his name is a kind of glaze with a powder inside. It is a special glaze which is designed to fill and coloring in the grains, pores of wood and the crevices, gap or inside part of carving. Powder glaze is applied to give more antique impression and give more contrasting effect in finishing looked. Powder glaze is usually used with a different color with the finishing color to make more live impression with the contrast effect on the finishing. Powder is also used to create the dust effect and make dirty impression to make the finish is looked more antic and old looked. The powder glaze will fill in and color the inside parts of the carving, crevice, distress, etc.  with more heavy effect then the regular glaze.

 white powder glaze

How to apply the powder glaze

The application of powder glaze is similar with the application of the conventional glaze. Powder glaze can be applied by brush, spray to the needed part and then let it dry. After it dry the powder glaze on the surfaces or the outer part can be easily cleaned by steel wool, scotch brite or rag and let the powder glaze fill and stay inside the carving, gap, pores, grains and other crevices. Since the powder glaze is intended to give the dirty impression it is normally made with different color and even a contrasting with the overall finishing color. This glaze is usually applied on the second sealer or first top coat before the top last coat color of the finishing, when the finish is quite thick and the finishing color is already there. White color may be is the most popular color for the powder glaze. By applying the white powder on a brown color or other dark color we can make a color contrast that make the overall finish will more alive and interesting. The white powder glaze is also used to make finishing with white wash color. The powder glaze on the white wash will help to fill in the pores, grains and crevices to make form white wash color wash easier, since it will make thicker then the conventional glaze.
There are also many powder glazes with gray color to imitate the dust looked, to make antique and old looked in the furniture product
Since the powder color is usually contrasted with the overall finish, usually the powder glaze is cleaned up the surfaces and left only the inside pores, grain or crevices. The powder glaze that is left on the surface could disrupt the performance of finishing and reduce the clarity of finishing. The excess of powder glaze can be cleaned with steel wool, scotch brite or cloth, or it could also clean up with a dampened cloth or mineral spirit or naphta. 

 dusty wax

Dusty wax. 
This material is very similar with powder glaze, but is made with slightly different ingredients. Dusty wax like its name is more designed to make the impression of dusty, dirty, and old looked in the finishing. Dusty wax has some wax in the mix, so it can be applied on the top coat as a final finishing step. A wax in the mix make it can easier to be cleaned with keep the surface is smooth and slippery. Dusty wax is usually applied by spraying or brushed on the desired parts.  After it dry then it can be cleaned  up to leave  the rest in the in side  parts only.  Dusty wax in the gray colors to make the effect of dust is widely used to make more antique looked in the finishing.

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