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Yogyakarta, the central of wooden batik handicrafts

Yogyakarta City
Yogyakarta is one of the places are well known in the world as a tourist  and cultural city. Although not as popular as Bali as tourist destination, but the city of Yogyakarta has unique characteristics that is also very interesting. Yogyakarta city has a past history of the heritage sites such as the temples of Prambanan and Borobudur, and  nature tourism such as: Merapi Mountain and Parangtririts Coastal that are challenging and exotic view. In addition Yogyakarta is also the center of culture and art that  differ this city with other places. Batik, gamelan, wayang and Yogyakarta Palace are the Javanese culture  which are unique and attractive. The living  cost in this city which is relatively cheap make this city became more attractive to peoples who love adventure. 

The wooden batik handicraft in Yogyakarta 
Moreover, Yogyakarta is also the place from a variety of products craft and art. There are many craft centers in Yogyakarta and its surrounding areas. Yogyakarta peoples which have a strong artistic tradition with plenty of natural resources and the available market, make this area is very suitable for the handicraft industry.The tourism industry also accelerate the growth of the handicraft industry since of the mutual support and  the complement one to another. Handicraft industry is the supplier of craft products that are needed in the tourism industry, while tourism industry is otherwise an ideal market for handicrafts products. The handicraft products which are small and cheap goods are ideal goods for the tourist peoples to buy. There are also  many centers of handicraft industry in this area that become peoples destination. In the craft centers peoples could visit to finding products that can be bought with relatively very cheap price.
One of the handicraft center in this town is the wooden batik in Krebet,. It is a small village in a mountainous area in the southeastern city of Yogyakarta which is nice place for the peoples. to visit  It needs about 30 minutes by car (about 30 km) from the downtown to reach this place.
There are variety of handicraft products is available here, from art items to fill the house as wall decoration, furniture and household goods can be obtained here. There are many handicraft industry players in here who are also willing to make a product with the  special model and design if necessary.
Here are some pictures of the product from Krebet woodcraft industries. 

 small stuff


home accent

tissue box


dressing table

If you are interested and willing to by their products or want to do business with them, feel please to come to:  Krebet, Sendangsari, Pajangan,  Bantul, Yogyakarta.  

Or if you want to get more information via email about this industry, You can send email to contact us.

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