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Garden furniture

Furniture for garden or park.

Many buildings, especially the large buildings are equipped with a garden or park. Park is one place outside the room is used as a pleasant place to rest. While garden is place to grow plant. A park or small garden at home, hotel or even the office will give a comfortable and fresh atmosphere. The garden or park is also recommended in the city building since it absorbing the pollutant and release fresh air to the environment. As a room the park and garden also require furniture as a place to sit, lie down or to put the necessary goods. Garden furniture is furniture used to wear at a park or garden. Although not as much as indoor furniture garden furniture business is big market. Many models of garden furniture that is made to fill the garden furniture market.
 Substrates for garden furniture.
Furniture for the garden has a different model and design with other furniture. Unlike indoor furniture, garden furniture usually has simple models and shapes. Since it use for outdoor so the garden furniture is made from materials that are different with indoor furniture. Garden furniture is made of material that is more robust and resistant to outdoor weather changes. The woods that are often used for garden furniture are the wood types that are strong, durable and can withstand the outdoor weather. Teak wood is the most popular wood for outdoor furniture. It is strong, durable and has a nice appearance. The metals such as: aluminum, iron, stainless steel many also most used in the garden furniture. The metal mostly used in combination with wood, rattan or other natural product in the garden furniture used alone or in combination with other materials. Rattan is also very popular used in the garden furniture, now when the natural rattan is became rare; most of garden furniture is made of rattan synthetic. The rattan synthetic is considered stronger and durable for outdoor weather is more suitable for the outdoor stuff. Now there are some natural materials such as bamboo, water hyacinth, rattan, pandanus are also used to make garden furniture. That material can create a unique, rustic looked and attractive appearance for the furniture. 

Finishing for garden furniture

The finishing for garden furniture of course has different specifications with indoor furniture products. The finishing for garden furniture usually is simpler in color and looked but it needs to be stronger. The finishing for garden furniture requires special materials that are resistant to the weather outside air as heat, cold nights, rain and even snow. For outdoor use we need a clear coating and pigment types which are suitable and can withstand the outdoor climate. The pigment used should a kind pigment that is more resistant to UV rays, while the clear coating used also the clear coating type with more resistant to the outdoor weather changes.

There are a lot of the finishing material are designed and available to be used to coat for the outdoor products. The most widely used for outdoor wood finishes are: outdoor oil, spar varnish, polyurethane outdoor and acrylic outdoor. While for metal furniture finishing which the material used are: epoxy, polyester or polyurethane. When we see the materials name it may confusing since it may they are similar with the indoor finishing material. To make easier in the buying finishing materials is to read the material specification in the can.
The materials used for outdoor furniture finishing processes are special made to be used to coat the outdoor products. These materials are made with more emphasis on strength and resistance to the weather and outside room. But because of that, the decorative value is rather limited then the indoor finishing materials. The color and appearance option of the outdoor finish is rather limited. A special finishing looked with many effects and highlight as in a Nitrocellulose finish in the indoor finishing is very difficult to be achieved with the outdoor finishing materials. Some specific colors such as red or black color will also be faster fade in the outdoor.
The finishing for garden furniture usually is simpler and more natural looked. A simple finishing using teak oil or polyurethane oil is widely used for the wood garden furniture. The unfinished woods also are lot available for garden furniture. The oil or unfinished will give a natural looked is very proper to the naturally set up in the garden or park. Finishing with, the use of this oil will be able to display the beauty of the grain in the product. A light stain with thin clear coating is also mostly uses for natural or wood garden furniture. A spar varnish or outdoor polyurethane clear coating can be used in this finish with good result.
Some garden furniture is also available in the solid color. Simple and calm colors are mostly used for his purpose. For this finish we need to make sure that the materials uses is the right material for outdoor uses. The polyurethane or acrylic outdoor is a good choice to do this finish. 
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