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Jepara Art Wood Carving Industrial Area

Jepara a town of carving in Indonesia

Jepara is a small town located about 100 kilometers north of Semarang, Central Java. Althoug it is just small town but Jepara is very famous place in the furniture business society. Until today Jepara is known as the center of wood carving and wood furniture industry in Indonesia. Many wood products such as furniture products other carved wood products have been shipped and marketed throughout the world.
Most Jepara peoples work as carpenters, craftsman, wood and furniture businessmen and other fields which are related with wood and timber. Jepara peoples have the expertise to handle wood as handyman and carpenter hereditary from generation predecessor. The unique expertise of Jepara peoples and the abundant wood resources make Jepara is still exist as the center of furniture and other wood product until today. 
Now, with the developments of woodworking technology, the woodworking industry in Jepara has been combine their expertise and skills with the modern technology and system to develop their furniture making process.
Jepara furniture has a unique differentiate with the furniture products from other places. Most of the Jepara furniture products are made with the touch of handmade that make them have more artistic value. Carved furniture in many models is lots available and easily found in Jepara. The other art furniture products such as antique furniture, rustic furniture are the other furniture model that is lot available in here.  

Jepara Industrial Area of Art Wood Carving
In Jepara, there are many centers wood products goods with each has its specialties. Products such as tables, chairs, cabinets and others wood products have their own area as a center of production and trading places. In each center areas there are lot of special products available and can be purchased and ordered with relative cheap price.
One of the wood product centers in Jepara, is the Wood Carving Art Industrial Area. Located in the north of Jepara, about 5 km from the city center, this area is very interesting place especially for peoples who like the wood art. This place is the center of the wood carved product which provides many wood handicrafts in many models. Many wood products such as wall decoration, home decorations, garden ornaments, and other handicrafts can be found here. The wood products are mostly made from teak wood, even though many other products from other species are also available.
There are many variety of wood carved and ornament products are available here that can be directly purchased and carried.  The craftsmen here are also ready to make products with special order with special model if required.
Here are some pictures of the products available here. 

 wall ornament

wood horses statue

wood ship ornament

 wood statues

If you are interested to their products then please come and visit them in:
Jepara Industrial Area Art Wood Carving, in Mulyoharjo, Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia.

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