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Maple wood for furniture

Maple veneer combine with solid mahogany furniture
Maple wood

Maple is one of the wood types that are much used as furniture material. Maple wood as substrate for furniture has long been done mainly in European countries and America, where the wood is widely available. At this time when many furniture products in both places are mostly produced in other countries, there are lot of maple wood and veneer from the plantation forest in the United States and Europe are sent to furniture manufacturer countries such as: Indonesia, China, and Vietnam
The maple wood has characters which are very suitable to be used as furniture raw material. This wood is quite hard and stable make it is ideally wood to be formed and processed in the furniture industry. This wood has a soft grain texture with small and shallow pores; make it can be finish in a closed pores finish easily. It has a light base color, white brown with light pink stripes according to its grain. It makes this wood can be used to make furniture with a very wide range of colors. A very light color to a dark color can be formed from this timber.
This wood is widely used to make furniture with a wide range models. Furniture with simple models with straight shape to furniture with a complex shapes and models with heavy carvings can be produced using this wood. This wood is also many used to make outdoor furniture. In the indoor furniture the maple veneer is more widely used instead of the solid wood. The maple veneer combine with local white wood is widely used to make maple furniture in the furniture industries. Its light color makes this wood is good choice to make furniture with light color designed.

Finishing for maple wood furniture
This wood has a light base color, so it can be finished in almost any color. With an appropriate finishing system then almost all kinds of finishing models with various colors can be generated by this timber. But the finishing for this wood should be done correctly to get the best result. The dark color finishing on this wood should be done carefully. This wood has a vogue grain pattern, faint and not too strong. Its grain character is not as strong as cherry or mahogany wood. Since that, too thick stain application will tend to block and kill the grain pattern in this wood. Organic stain which is brighter and more transparent is a good choice for staining this timber. An inorganic stain for this wood could kill its vogue grains and reduce its wood beauty appearance.
This wood also has a very high absorption to the stain, so the application of this stain directly to the wood must be done carefully. The unfinished wood should be sanded and well prepared. Applications stain by wiping or brushing on this wood often produces an uneven and blotchy coloration. The wiping stain is also difficult to produce a dark color finish to this wood. Wiping stain with high concentrated is highly risk to get blotchy color, whereas a thin stain is not enough to color the wood produces a dark color. Stain application by spray is the best choice for this timber, since by spray application the stain can be layered in the required thickness. To make  the dark color finish, 2 layer of stain or even more layer can be done easily by spray application. Glue sizing in the sanding process is also good choice to prevent the blotchy in the staining process. 
Natural finishing with the application of sealer and top coat is also very suitable to be done on this wood with very nice results, especially for furniture with a simple model. This wood has soft grain texture and shallow pores, make it can be finished to a closed pore finish relatively easy. The application clear coating without the use of filler will be able to close its pores quickly. Meanwhile, finishing with a lot of antique models with application of glaze and stain can also be done with very interesting finishing result.
Solid color finishes also much done on this wood. Finishing with solid colors, flat, clean and even can be produced quite ease since this timber has a small texture grain pattern and shallow  pores. 

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