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The metal for furniture

Iron combined with teak wood on a chair

Iron for furniture.

Iron is a metal which is widely used as raw material for furniture. There many furniture are made from iron, although the use of iron or other metals as furniture raw materials is still not as popular as wood or wood products. The price is relatively expensive and it heavy mass make not many people use metal for furniture. Metal as furniture raw material needs a different treatment with wood or natural products. The advantages of metal is relatively stable and easily to be formed. The iron is also a materials obtained from mining, the uses of this material is not considered as the potential to destroy the forests, such as the uses of wood.
The uses of iron for the manufacture of furniture more done in combination with other materials such as glass, wood, veneer, or other natural product. Although iron is currently available in various shapes and sizes and can be formed in accordance with the needs, but of course it very difficult to create a width and long surface such as top panels or side panels. For the big surface such as top panel or side panel, the wood or glass are normally used. A table with iron ornament base and a glass or wood panel on top would be an interesting table. The iron can also be used as a small ornament for eye catching on a furniture product making the furniture has more attractive appearance. Iron also lot of uses to make furniture with simple model with a nice and clean finish in contemporary models. 

The finishing for iron furniture.  

An exposed iron will immediately react with water and oxygen in the air to form rust, therefore it always need a finishing layer thereon. Finishing in the iron surfaces  instead of top protect and prevent the occurrence of corrosion, is also expected to make the decorative value to the products. Before do the finishing process, a metal surface needs to be treated to clean the surface from the dirt and impurities that will interfere the adhesion and the quality of the finishing layer thereon. The pretreatment is very important since the dirt and impurities on the surface will result in the blistering in the finishing layer and destroy the finishing layer thereon. After that the rust that arisen will soon spread and damage the whole finish..
There are two kinds of ways to do the clean the iron surface: chemically and mechanically pretreatment. The mechanical pretreatment are brushing, buffing, scrubbing, sanding and sandblasting. Mechanical treatments tend to require much time, energy and sometimes lead to uneven and rough surfaces. For big volume job the chemical pretreatment is more effective and widely used. On big volume manufacturer production, a pretreatment line is used  for the chemical treatment. The iron product are dipped and or sprayed and rinsed with some chemical solution to dissolve the dirt and impurities. There are several stages that must be passed by this iron until the surface is clean and ready for the finishing. A metal surface that is already clean should be immediately coated with a layer of the finishing in order block from the outside air.
A layer of primer coating to protect the clean metal surfaces is usually needed before it is brought to the finishing process to get the desired final color and appearance finish.
There are many model and finishing looked can be selected according to the type and model of furniture. Finishing with an attractive decorative appearance can be produced using the lacquer finish system. An attractive appearance of furniture product can be produced with the stain and glaze application on an iron furniture. This finishing process on the iron is like finishing for the solid color in which the results and performance is largely determined by the application of the stain and glaze. Some special effect such as crackle finish or texture finish are mostly used for the iron. Finishing with a lacquer finish will be able to produce an attractive appearance and finishing are mostly used to the indoor furniture.
For outdoor furniture, we need a stronger finishing layer to withstand the outside weather. Outdoor polyurethane or other outdoor finishing materials such as the paint for car refinishes are more appropriate. Finishing with powder coating or electroplating with the right materials will also produce a stronger finish layer with more efficient process, faster and cheaper. But of course the color and appearance generated is more limited. This finish will only produced solid colors without any special effects such as the lacquer finish.

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