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Spar varnish for wood furniture finishing.

 Spar varnish for finish the house door

Spar varnish 
Varnish is one of the finishing materials are already widely known and used as a material for finishing wood and wood products since a few centuries ago. This material is a material finishing that is already known before coating and other modern finishing material used. Varnish can be applied using a brush with a good result, although this time more varnish is applied by spray. Spar varnish is a type of varnish that is designed for finishing to the wood products for outdoor. Compared with other clear coating, spar varnish has advantages in its simplicity to be applied with a brush as well as its resilience to withstand outdoor weather such as hot sun and rain and other weather changes outside room.
Spar varnish includes clear coating material, but this material has a little bit brownish in color. For applications on a dark wood or for finishing with a dark color, then brownish color of spar varnish will not be too disturbing, but for finishing for the light or natural colors the young brown of the varnish can be visible and disturbing the resulting color or he finishing.
Spar varnish applications that can be done by brushing make it more flexible for use in the finishing process, especially when the facilities for spray application are not available. This material is more flexible for use in the finishing process on the house frames and doors in a house where the application by spray may be somewhat difficult.
Application varnish by brush of course can not produce an even and smooth finish like the spray application. This application will always leave brush marks lines. To reduce the lines of the brush mark, the material should be made little thin and applied several times to achieve the desired thickness. For application on the big surface area the thinly application is better then too thick application to get the desired film thickness. Application of thin materials with few repetitions is more advisable than a one-time application with thick material.
When we do do varnish we need to understand that the spar varnish requires a long time to dry. Every layer of varnish application it takes about two hours to get dry and be able to continue with the subsequent finishing processes.

Here is the finishing process for spar varnish.
  •  Stain application.
There are many various stain types can be applied under spar varnish. The wood stain such as: oil stain, thinner stain and even water based stain can be used for staining the wood before the application of spar varnish. But when it used for finishing on outdoor products the stain selected should be the stain which is resistant to the sunlight. The inorganic pigment stain is better choice than the dye stain for staining an outdoor finishing; although there is also some type of organic stain which are resistant to the ultraviolet light.
The application of the stain can also be done by spray or with by brush depending on the facility  available. If there is facility and equipment to do spray application, then the spray application  is a better choice. 
  •   Spar varnish application.
After the application of this stain is dry enough it can be followed with the varnish application as the clear coating. Application by spray will be able to produce a more even and smooth surface but of course, it requires equipment and facilities such as spray gun and facilities for spray applications such as compressors and spray booth. Applications can also be done with a brush with quite good result if the facilities and equipment for spray application is not available.
Do one layer application of spar varnish, then wait it until dry.  After the layer of varnish is dry then we can sand the varnish to produce more flat and smooth surface. The # 280 or # 360 grade stearated sandpaper is good choice to sanding the varnish dry film.  
Repeat the application of varnish to obtain the desired film thickness. Go for the coating process patiently, always waiting to a dry film layer of varnish and do a good sanding before continuing with the next application.
After two or three times varnish application, it is usually obtained a quite smooth and even surface. When the film is dry enough we can continue to do a rubbing process on the finish layer if necessary. 

Man O War Spar Marine Varnish - 80-7505 1G Satin Spar Varnish 

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  1. is Varnish appliable in manufactories , since as I know it applies manually .
    If can then how to apply and if can not how to solve it.

  2. Excellent information on spar varnish. Keep posting.

  3. wisno furniture finishingAugust 15, 2010 at 1:39 AM

    Do You mean for furniture manufacturer?
    Yes it is, as long as the finishing quality of the finish can be fulfilled (suitable) with the varnish properties.
    You need to prepare a big room for the drying room for the varnish.


  4. wisno furniture finishingAugust 15, 2010 at 3:33 PM

    Thanks You Ron

  5. Very good information you have give. Furniture polish gives a hard coat with a long lasting glossy finish which not only protects the wood but also preserves it for a longer period of time.

  6. wisno furniture finishingSeptember 1, 2010 at 5:01 AM

    Yes agree. Thanks