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Texture paint for wood furniture finish

Texture paint is a special type of paint used to create a texture surfaces in a finishing process. Texture paint is needed when we want to make texture finish. Sometime we need to make texture finish according to the development of furniture design and model. Texture finish is one of the special finishing style which is need more handwork job to create a special looked  Texture finishes are more widely used in antique style furniture, although it can also be used in modern-style furniture.
Texture paint is a very thick paint, when it is applied to the surface it will  be able to produce an uneven and texture surface in many patterns and forms. Texture paint is made of a clear coating or paint which is made in high viscous.
Different with the base coat or enamel or clear coating which is made with low viscosity to make it flow well in the application, the texture paint is made with high viscosity so that when applied it will stick and make texture form. Sometime pigment is added into the texture paint to provide a certain color. The color in the texture paint makes it easier to be observed in its application to make sure we get the proper texture effect. Black and white is the most widely used color in the paint texture, although other colors can also be made. Usually we apply the texture in white or black color then apply another colored paint to make the final finishing color. To match the color in the base coat or toner is more easily done then in the texture paint. Texture paint is a high viscous material that is quite difficult to be tinting.
Now the texture paint is widely available and can easily be found in many finishing stores in and available in various brands and types. The type of paint texture is depending on the type of clear coating used in the finishing system. The type of texture paint which is common and widely available is the nitrocellulose texture paint and water based texture paint. The NC-based texture paint is made from a nitrocellulose coating. It is a kind of NC base coat but designed to be more thick and viscous. It is a thinner based material and will dry faster in the application then the water based texture. It is usually applied by using a special spray gun even though the brushing application also quite easy to do. While water based paint texture is quite similar with a latex paint or a kind of paint emulsion which is made in high viscosity. These paints require a longer drying time and easier to be applied with a brush, sponge, roller or other manual device. 

 chair with texture finish
 The application of texture paint.
The pattern and texture form is very important in texture finish since it will determine the look and appearance of the resulting finishing. The other finishing materials application such as antiquing and coloring are usually done to enhance and strengthen the impression gained from the texture. Although the coloring is also very important but it would not be able to produce good finishing looked when the shapes and patterns of texture is not proper. The same coloring will produce different finishing looked if the pattern form of the texture is different. While the forms and a pattern of the texture is dependent on the texture paint application and the equipment used for its application.
There are some ways to apply the texture to produce the effects of texture in accordance with the desired appearance.  
  •  Application of texture paint with a spray gun.
Texture paint is a thick paint, and then it requires special spraying equipment which could release high viscosity paint. A pressure port with a special spray gun can be used to apply the texture paint with good results. High pressures in a pressure tank port will be able to release this paint and direct it into the desired surface. Since the paint does not require atomization, then the nozzle and cap used is different with the nozzle and cap for the regular spray gun.  The nozzle and cap for this equipment is specifically designed so that it can use to adjust the volume and size of the texture resulted. 
  •  Application with brush, roller or sponge.
Texture paint can also be applied to the surface using a brush, sponge, roller or other manual tool. The texture results obtained will vary depend on the tool used and how its application. With the use of various tools there are many varied shapes and patterns can be made in accordance with the finishing needs. The application of texture paint manually usually requires a slow dry paint. The water based texture paint is more suitable than the thinner based paint. Water based texture paint which is dry slowly is easier to be managed, safer and not damage the sponge, brush or roller.
The texture paint is very thick paint, it would cover the surface with a thick layer material, and it will require longer drying time. When we play with texture we need to make sure that the texture paint is completely dry before continuing with the subsequent finishing process. The incompletely drying process in the finishing will always create many problems of finishing. A texture that is not dry also will continue to shrink and could form a different texture pattern then its pattern in wet condition.


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