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The electrostatic spraying equipment

 Disc electrostatic spraying equipment

How to use the electrostatic spray gun.
Electrostatic spraying equipment is a development of the conventional spraying equipment that is still considered as very useful tool for application of finishing materials. With proper uses it can give the best results in the finishing material application. The atomization is as the spray gun, but with higher efficiency (up to 60%). The electrostatic spray gun is equipment that is expected to improve the problem efficiency of transfer material in the conventional spray gun. The principle of this spray gun is to give an electric charge on the finishing materials and grounded the sprayed object so when there an attraction force between the work piece and the finishing material. When it works the finishing material will be attracted to attach to and wraps the object's surface. Thus, the finishing material wasted will be much reduced. This tool will provide maximum benefits for the spraying process to the objects that have small size when the uses of conventional spray gun will spread a lot of finishing materials into the air. The cabinets or tables which have large surface are not proper product for this equipment since it won’t give significant benefit. For the large surfaces products, the material efficiency can be optimized with right spraying technique. The H.V.L.P. and airless spray gun or even air spray gun with right technique is able to do the spray application with high efficiency.
Electrostatic spray gun is relatively complicated and quite difficult in its application. The Farady force which causes the attraction between electrically charged objects is not working well for wooden objects, since wood is not a good electrically conductive. In practice the effect of the Farady force will be reduce when the objects is already coated with some finishing layer. The attraction force of the work piece objects and the finishing material will further weaken to the second or third clear coat application.
The electrostatic spraying equipment is mostly be used for application the quite thick material such as clear coating, base coat, primer or enamel coating. This equipment is not effective for the application of glaze or stain. Stain which is relatively thin material and requires flexibility in its application is more suitable applied with conventional spray gun. Meanwhile the glaze application can be applied by spray without "too perfect" coating such as clear coating applications. The glaze application always need brushing and wiping process.
The types and brands of the electrostatic spray gun that are available now could confusing since they may have different specifications and need different way to use. When we use the electrostatic equipment then the specification of the equipment must be read carefully to obtain the optimal results. The electrical resistance of the finishing materials is an important specification that needs to be known. A coating material must have a high electrical resistance so that when it is electrically charged he could produce an enough electric force for the Farady effect. The electrical resistance of the finishing material should follow the specifications required by the electrostatic equipment so it can work optimally. An additive usually added to the coating or paint material to adjust its electrical resistance. The tool used to measure the electrical resistance is called ohmmeter.

Here are some tips in the uses of electrostatic spraying equipment. 
  • Read and follow the manual guide and specification of the equipment.
Find the specification of material which is work with the equipment, especially the electrical resistance and the viscosity. The viscosity and the electrical resistance of the material should be adjusted according the specification of the equipment. Also find the air pressure and the electrically charge that is needed by the equipment, how to install and how to grounding it.   
  • The uses of the electrostatic equipment should be done carefully.
The electrostatic equipment uses the electric power which is quite risky in the finishing room. A mistake can lead to the emergence of an electrical spark which could cause a fire.  Since that the electrostatic spray gun tools must be care and uses carefully. The instruction of how to use it, cleaning and maintenance should be followed.
This equipment is also considered as expensive equipment. Therefore a proper maintenance and caring should be done to prevent the big damage and problem with the equipment. The deep discussion with the supplier is highly recommended to understand how to take care the equipment properly. 

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