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Finishing line in the furniture manufacturer

Pallet conveyor

Finishing line.
Big furniture factories need to perform its finishing work on the goods in large quantities with the same result for every product he make. In this finishing industry, a good system should be made to control the finishing work. For a finishing job in small amounts we still can relay the finishing results for the operator skill, since the job may be able to be done by the some operators. But for big volume job, when hundred or even thousand operator do job we need to create a system that can control the work in every process to get the consistent result. A good finishing system must be made to be used as a standard by the operators in doing his job.
In this condition, a step panel is very important tool for controlling the finishing work. Each step of the process in the finishing work must always be viewed and compared with the step in the standard in the panel to ensure the uniform and color and appearance is obtained. To help the system then a finishing process should be done in a series that allows the finishing process runs continuously from beginning to the end. Each step of the process of finishing is done in its stage respectively, while the goods are flowed from the beginning of the process until the end of the process to follow every step that must be lived. By this way the control for the process can easily done, since in the same area there are placed the same goods with the same process. To control the process so in every stage is put a standard of product that needs to be followed. 
The finishing line is the way for the furniture product to do its process.  In the finishing line is placed the facilities and equipment to do the finishing process. Spray booths, ovens, spraying equipments, finishing materials, sanding machines, brushes and other tools are placed in every stages according with the process that has to do. The operators stay in each stage to do the finishing process while the finishing line operates.
Finishing line was created with the main objective to assist the finishing can be done and controlled easily. A finishing room with the trolley to put the products and some spray booths is simple finishing line that can make the finishing process run continuously. A modern finishing line for finishing on with very large quantity products is made using transportation that run automatically. The products are entranced in the entry to follow a series of finishing processes and come out at the exit after completely finished.

Manually conveyor finishing line.

It is a finishing line where the products movement from one stage to the next stage is done manually. The products are placed on trolleys or racks to pass through every stage where the goods will go through step by step hail finishing. The uses of trolley or chart the transportation is easier done. To do the process for big items such as cabinets, table or cupboards then a roller conveyor can be used. While for small item with lot of amount the racks is better choice.
The manual
finishing line is more simple and flexible. Changes and modifications can be done easily to adapt to the condition and product if necessary. But a better control is needed to ensure that each of the finishing process is done and meet the standards. This equipment is also rather difficult to control the production time since the product running is still done manually. 

Automated conveyor line.

This tool is the development from the manual finishing line, the transportation of products is run automatically. Furniture products placed on the trains that will run automatically to bring these products to move from one stage to the next stage with a certain speed.  The distance between every stages are set ad calculated based on the required processing time.
There are a variety of conveyors that can be made in accordance with needs. There are various transportation tools that can be used in accordance with type and size of items being worked. For big products such as: cabinets or table, the continuous pallets good choice, while for small goods a hanging conveyor is more suitable.
The consideration in the designed of the finishing line.
Finishing line is one of facility that will greatly assist the process of finishing if it can be used optimally.
But a finishing line is also need a facility that must be met in order to work. Spray booth, spray equipment, and operators should be sufficiently available in each stage so the finishing line can be run. Since that when we decided to build finishing line then a consideration should be done to get optimal results. Here are the things that must be considered when designing the finishing line.

  •  The process of finishing.
A line of finishing made and determined by the finishing process will be done. The length of the line, the number of stages, the distance between the stage and the facilities provided including spray booths, spraying equipments, the ovens and all equipment are placed in accordance with the finishing process will be taken. If there any changes in the finishing system that change the processing time and facilities needed could make the finishing line to be incompatible with process and can no longer be used optimally. So when we design a finishing line, every possibility in the future should be considered.
  • Shapes, models and sizes of the goods.
The transportation tool prepared for the finishing line is designed based on the type and size of items to be placed thereon.  A pallet with big size is more suitable for big item, while hanging conveyor is more suitable for small items, if the production line is to make special products, a special pallet may need to be used. The transportation tool should be designed to be able to load the products in the production.
  • Volume of job.
Finishing line is more optimal to do large volume job, with more uniform system. But automatic finishing line needs electricity as its power generate. It also needs a complete facility and peoples to run well. So it always needs enough feed to work optimally. For small volume job or production with a lot variation more flexible finishing line should be select to accommodate the production line. 

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