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Fire in a spray booth.

The maintenance of the spray booth is absolutely something that must be done. Care and cleaning spray booth may have become a routine activity in a furniture finishing company, but it always must be done carefully. In a spray booth there is lot of dust and dirt from finishing material that is very inflammable. A mistake and careless action could generate to a big danger situation. Here is a story about the fire in the spray booth when it was cleaned.
There was a furniture factory in Semarang, he was quite big and good shape company. He usually shipped about 25 containers furniture products every month to many countries. The plant was pretty neat and well organized. Production room was always maintained to be clean and tidy. Two times everyday the floor was swept and cleaned. The machines were well arranged  and organized, every process in his production could be viewed clearly. The products were flowing from the beginning process to the end with a good continuous process.This plant also had a good system to prevent the emergency situation. Fire extinguishers were placed in strategic places which easily accessible with a flashy sign. He also formed a team of firefighters to cope the fire danger. The alertness exercise was carried out every month for all employees and rescue team to cope the emergencies situation.
Maintenance to the tools and equipments was also conducted regularly, including maintenance to the spray booth. Since the plant used dry booth the cleaning of the spray booth always was being done together with the filter replacement. The filter replacement in the sealer, top coat and the stain booth was done every week, while the filter in the glaze spray booth was replaced two times a week.
One day when the finishing peoples were cleaning the top coat spray booth, an incident was happened.
When the finishing peoples removed the filter from its wall, accidentally it was fallen to the floor. The iron mesh that was used to attach the filter hit the dusty floor. The impact of the iron with the coat dust in the floor suddenly caused a sparked that resulted fires in that place.
Fortunately, the plant had a good alert system. The alert exercises they did regularly prevented the peoples there from panic so that they could handle this danger situation properly. The fire fighter started to took the fire extinguisher to stopped the fire, while the other employee were go out to for evacuation. The firefighting could quickly reacted properly to stop the fire that arisen so the bigger danger can be avoided.

From this story I want to remind to you all who work in a finishing room that the carefulness is always required when doing activities in the finishing room.
Carelessness and a small mistake could be lead to big danger situation. Objects that fall is just a small mistake, but if it happened in a place where a lot of coat dust, it can cause big danger.
This story is also an example that the vigilance and adequate safety equipment is very importance in a finishing room. Provision of firefighting and safety equipments may seem like a waste, but it will be very useful in the emergency situation and can prevent a much bigger losses.
Similarly, the exercise alertness is also very important. Without proper action the equipments are nothing. The proper action to the emergency situation only can be obtained with enough exercised to every peoples in the factory.  A proper exercise  make the peoples in there can react in proper way to face the danger situation.
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