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Kitchen cabinet

Kitchen cabinet
Kitchen cabinet is one of the important businesses in the woodworking business today. The current housing technology has allowed to make the kitchen room becomes more compact and clean. In the time when heating and burning are still done with a stove that uses wood or coal, the kitchen is always dirty and require big space place. The presence of smoke and ash from the combustion process make the kitchen room is difficult to be cleaned, moreover usually the kitchen also used to place to cord wood. Now with the development of the modern heating and burning technology such as: gas stoves, electrical stoves or microwaves, the process of warming and cooking can be done with devices that are smaller and cleaner.
This makes the kitchen room can be made more compact, clean and less space. A kitchen can be designed with big regard to the aesthetic value. To decorate and furnishing the kitchen with attractive colors and appearance is as important as the decoration for other rooms. The kitchen also needs furniture which fit with its decoration as well as the home decoration. Furniture for kitchens, of course, has a different specification with furniture for other room. He should be able to meet its functions optimally, to support all activities in the kitchen. Kitchen furniture usually is cabinets that are designed to be used as a place to store the material for cooking need such as: spices, food ingredients, utensils and cutlery. Kitchen cabinets are now already an important stuff for modern houses and are available in many attractive designs and models. The kitchen cabinets are needed to full fill its function and also to give beauty touch for the kitchen room.  The cabinets usually have small size so that it can be mounted in the wall above or under the stove. Since the kitchen cabinets are mainly panels, it is usually made of plywood.  Veneer laminated on  the M.D.F. or particle board is more often found instead of solid wood panels.

Finish for kitchen cabinet.
A kitchen cabinet has rather limited form and sizes. Its function to place small items and their location in relatively narrow room makes it has rather limited design. Then to give the beauty impression the kitchen cabinet needs a good finishing. With the finishing technology now actually a kitchen cabinets can be finished with a very attractive appearance. Various finishing can be applied on, from natural or transparent colors featuring the beauty of wood or solid colors with a wide choice of colors and appearances can be used. Finishing with antique models or finishing with special effects also can be generated to fulfill the esthetic taste of the kitchen room.
However the finish for the kitchen cabinet should be able to accommodate its function as a place to keep the food and utensils. The finishing chosen must secure, easy to be cleaned and quite strong enough to withstand the food chemical such as: ketchup foods, sauces, oils, salt or other seasonings. This is actually not too difficult to be fulfilled due to the finishing materials technology now. Currently modern finishing materials that are widely available now such as: Nitrocellulose, Acrylic, PU or AC can be used with excellent results. The use of wax or oil finish should be avoided, because such materials can be dissolved with the oil, it has high risk to be mixed and attached with the food.
A finishing with PU or AC will be able to produce a layer of finishing that is more resistant to the spices and foods. While a NC finish will be able to produce the nice appearance to match the nice decor for the whole room. There are also many kitchen cabinets made from M.D.F. or plywood overlaid with an overlay material like vinyl or laminated plastic. In a kitchen cabinets manufacturer which makes the cabinets in large volumes, a flat finish using with UV coating or water based coating material is common.
A special chemical test for the finish is usually necessary to ensure that the finishing layer is really suitable for the kitchen cabinet. A resistance test for: vinegar, lemon, orange, grape juice, tomato, coffee, olive oil, detergent water, alcohol, usually is conducted in the industrial of kitchen cabinets manufacturing. 

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