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The maintenance of finishing equipment

The cleaning of spray gun

Maintenance of spray equipment.
Maintenance to the equipments is a very important to keep them always perform well in the production. The good condition equipment is needed to ensure the equipment always work well to support the production process. The proper maintenance also will save more money since it prevent big damage to the equipment. Failure to the maintenance will result in huge losses because of the big damage to the equipment and even greater if we calculate the production process is hampered caused by imperfect equipment. Like other equipment, the spraying equipment  also need a good maintenance to keep it in good condition and ready to use any time we need. The maintenance to the spraying equipment is need to be carefully done since they are a small and precise device. Improper handling and carrying could damage the equipment and make they cannot be used anymore.
Spraying equipment such as: spray gun in any types, pressure tank, pump, agitator and other equipment in the finishing process need to be cleaned every time after it have been used. For the finishing materials that is dry from its thinner evaporation  (without any chemical reaction), the cleaning still can be done when the finishing material is already dry. The material that is dry without any reaction such varnish, shellac, nitrocellulose will resolve quite easy by its thinner. But for the thermosetting material such as: water based, PU, acid curing, precatalyed, or other materials that dry by reaction, the cleaning must be done when the finishing material is still wet. Since when the materials is dry, it could not be resolved with the thinner anymore and causes clogging to the equipment. The dry paint in the equipment such spray gun, hose, pump is very difficult to be cleaned off. Some time it means that the equipment can not be cleaned and unusable anymore.

The cleaning of spray equipment should be done as follow: 
  1. The cup gun is easily cleaned by removing the finishing material and replace with thinner then spray the thinner until the spray gun and cup are clean. The cup could be uninstalled and cleaned with a brush or rag and soak in the thinner. The spray gun cap is also could be easy took off and cleaned with brush and blown by compress air. The whole spray gun parts also can be disassembled to be cleaned its every parts if necessary but it must be done carefully. Avoid too many disassembling the spray gun since it risk to more rapid deterioration.  
  2. If there are any clogs in the hole of air cap or nozzle, a non metal needle such as tooth pick can be used to open the hole. Don’t use the metal stick to stab and open the clogging hole since it could spoil the hole and make the device is not precise anymore. 
  3. Never immerse the spray gun in a thinner for a long time. Some spray gun parts are made of rubber that will be dissolved and damaged when exposed to a thinner in a long time.
  4. The pump equipment is easy be cleaned by remove the take out hose from the finishing material and immersed in the paint thinner and flowing the thinner until it clean and replace the paint material in the pump circulation. While the spray gun  can be clean off like what we can do for the cup gun.

Here are the tips to do the maintenance to the spraying equipments
  • Always do the cleaning of the spraying equipments after it used, not when you want to use.
Usually when we finish a daily work, it is already dark and we already tired so it easy for us to leave the equipment until the next day. But however the cleaning is much more effective and easier be done when the material finishing is still wet. The cleaning when the finishing material is already dry is more difficult and high risk to get failure.  So always spare time to clean the equipment every time we do finishing job.
  •  Do periodically check for the big equipment such as pump, pressure tank, and agitator.
For the big devices which is quite expensive, a routine check should be done to prevent the bigger damages. If we find that the equipment is not work properly, it need should to be fixed, the parts already damaged it should be replaced immediately to prevent the bigger problem. 
  •   Discuss with the equipment supplier to do the maintenance.
A big devices and complex equipment such as pump may need special treatment in the maintenance.  Discussing and consultation with the equipment supplier is the best way to find the proper way to do the maintenance. Read and view he guide that is written in the manual book to find the proper way to caring the equipment.  At the time we decide to buy equipment always ask to the technical support and back up service if possible. 

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