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The maintenance of the spray booth.

cleaning the spray booth

To keep them always to be in good condition, the spray both also require a proper maintenance. A spray booth that has been used for certain time will become dirty and need cleaning. The air filter at the dry booth will be dirty and clogged with particles from dust spray. The clogged filter will reduce the suction power of the spray booth. While in the wet spray booth the dirt and dust spray will be gathered in a pool of water.  After a certain time the water becomes dirty and filled with slurry of finishing materials. The water is easily replaced by flow it out and replace with fresh water. The slurry in the pond and the wall of spray booth need to be removed and cleaned since it will reduce the performance of the spray booth.
The maintenance of spray booth should be scheduled periodically to ensure that the spray booth is always in good condition when it is used. How often a spray booth needs to be cleaned depends on the volume of work and type of finishing material applied in the spray booth.
A spray booth that used for spraying stain usually requires relatively more rare cleaning because the stain particles are relatively small and less compared with the sealer, top coat or glaze. The spray booth for spraying glaze is the fastest dirty and clogged so it needs most often cleaning. Glaze particles are relatively big and more volume make the filter is clogged or pond water becomes dirty quicker. Glaze is also a highly flammable material, so the maintenance in this booth is very important.

Maintenance to the
dry spray booth.

This dry spray booth requires replacement of filters more often compared with the wet spray booth. Air filters used should be replaced once he had clogged and filled with finishing material dust. The floor in front of the spray booth will also collected a lot of dust of finishing material that fallen during the spraying process. The dust should be cleaned every day because they could contaminate the room air and make dirt to the coating. The finishing layer can become rough and dirty when dust stuck to the wet coat surface. The finishing dust is highly flammable material, cleaning to the floor is also need to be done to reduce the risk of fire hazard. Sweeping and vacuumed the floor need to be done every day to keep the finishing room clean.
The filter replacement filters may not need to be done everyday but it should be scheduled and done with discipline. The checking to the blower fan should be done in the time when the filter is replaced. Blower fan that has been filled by the finishing material dust can be easily cleaned by blowing with an air gun. When the fan is clean then it can be easily checked and viewed. If there is any problem then the repairing action should immediately be done to prevent the risks to greater danger.
Wall on the spray booth also need to be cleaned. Dirty walls will make the spraying room getting dark and make difficulties in viewing the finishing result.

Maintenance for
wet spray booth.

The wet spray booth is using water to filter the dust spray; the dust in this booth is relatively less. Most of the finishing dust is caught by the water and collected on the bottom of the water pond to form slurry. When the pool already much filled with slurry then he needs to be cleaned. The slurry finishing material will also will be attached to the waterfall wall. The thick slurry will reduce the performance of the spray booth since it interfere the waterfall. At this time the spray booth needs to be cleaned, the mud of material in the pond need to be carried out and the spray booth walls need to be brushed and cleaned.
As well as dry spray booth, checking to the blower fan should also be done at the time of the spray booth cleaning. Blower fan need to be checked and investigated,  if there is anything wrong it should be fixed right away.

The things that must be considered in the maintenance of spray booth:

  • The maintenance of the spray booth must be done periodically.
Maintenance of equipment is going to reduce the time for production. The production must be stopped for the maintenance activity. But it will save lot of money compare with the risk caused with the damaged equipment. Spray booth is big equipment; the repair for this equipment will spent big money. The lost calculation will bigger when we consider the loosing production time when the spray booth is not work.  
  • Keep the spray booth clean.
The wall in the spray booth is very easy to become dirty by the finishing materials. The dirty wall will make the room is dark, sometime the finishing material attached in the lamp and block its light. Clean the wall with a knife of brush from the finishing material attached on. While the lamp can be wiped with dampened cloth with thinner.
  •  Do the cleaning spray booth carefully.
Spray this booth is located in the finishing room where lot finishing materials is placed. The dust and even the slurry in the spray booth is inflammable material. A little mistake or carelessness could create big trouble by ignited a big fire in the finishing room. 


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