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Metal for furniture (aluminum)

 Aluminum round table

Aluminum for furniture.

Aluminum metal that is much used to make various goods to the human needs. We can easily find many aluminum products in our houses such as:
pans, pots, stove, and even door and fences. The uses of aluminum for furniture are also commonly found along with the development of models and design of the furniture. Compared with other metals, aluminum has several advantages such as: light, easily formed and relatively more resistant to the corrosion and chemicals. Aluminum is also relatively inexpensive and can easily be obtained since it widely available in everywhere. Compared with galvanized iron, aluminum is more resistant to corrosion and chemicals, but it has less resistant to the alkali and salt water.  Aluminum is soft and less strong compared with iron.

In furniture manufacturer, aluminum is widely used together with other materials such as wood or rattan or even veneer. Aluminum combination with wood or rattan is often found in big furniture product. Aluminum combined with teak wood  to make chair or bench is quite popular in the garden furniture. Meanwhile the aluminum full products are more available for small things such as handicrafts or home accent. When the first time aluminum used for furniture, the furniture made from aluminum mostly a product with a minimalist style with simple and model and form. But now there are also many product with ornamental shape can be made with aluminum can be found in the market. With the development of the production technique many model and shape furniture products can be made.

Finishing for aluminum.

Like other metals, aluminum also requires a good pretreatment before it can be finished with a good result. The chemically and mechanical pretreatment is needed in aluminum manufacturer. In a big aluminum manufacturer, a pretreatment and finishing usually is done in a continuous process in a processing line to produce product in large amount continuously. The chromate conversion coating solution is usually used for aluminum.

The diagram of aluminum chromate conversion coating
Products made of aluminum actually can be used without a finishing. This material is relatively resistant to rust because it is more durable than iron to be left without finishing in its surface.  Aluminum products also can be made in the texture form to make more interesting  in appearance. The finishing on aluminum is done to create a more durable product and also to make more nice and interesting product. The proper finishing can cover and hide the aluminum looked that is considered as a cheap material.
Aluminum can be finished with a wide range of colors and appearance according with the design of the product. The finishing process for aluminum is very similar with the other metals products. The aluminum products can be finished with automated finishing equipment such as powder coating or electroplating to produce solid finish in many colors. This finish process will create a thin layer of finishing which is very strong, durable and very efficient for mass production. Meanwhile for indoor products, aluminum can also be finished to get more decorative appearance. The finishing with special finishing techniques of stain and glaze application can produce a variety of finishing effects to make nice and interesting products. A prime coat is need to the first layer on the aluminum surface, then the base coot and glaze can be applied on to form the desired color and effect.
Aluminum is also possible to be textured in many sizes and models. The texture on aluminum is the other variation to  the product looked interesting. The texture can also combined with a stain and glaze application to make antique looked. 

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