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Grounding in the finishing room

Electric sparking risk in the finishing room 
Finishing room is a place that has high risk to the fire hazard. Finishing materials and their solvents are very inflammable material.  A spark or small fire that reaches the finishing materials, thinner or thinner vapor can cause a big fire. Therefore, the fire caused should be kept away from the finishing room wherever possible. One of the fire caused that often occurs in the finishing room is the electricity sparks. Many fire cases arising caused from the electrical problems. Short-circuiting in the electricity circuits is one of the fire caused are often encountered. Therefore, the electricity in the finishing room should be treated well, the electric panels, circuit and cables need to be undertaken in a closed room and always kept to be clean. Thereby it will reduce the risk of fire from the electricity sparking.

 grounding facility in the warehouse

Grounding in the finishing room
The other electricity risk is the spark from static electric. A static charge can arise from metal objects which collide or rub against each other. The emergence of static electricity will generate sparks. If the spark reaches the inflammable materials such as thinner or solvent, a big fire can be generated. Sparks from the static electric can happen when the finishing materials are being handled. When the finishing materials is agitated, pumped, or flowed, there is a risk to get the static electric generated in the drum or tank.  Any other activities to the drum or tank such as opening or tightened the lid of the drums are also risk to cause a static electric shock. To minimize the risk of spark from the static electricity, then the tanks or drums should be grounded when are being handled. 

tank is connected to the grounded facility when the material is handled 
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The grounding is a standard procedure in handling the inflammable materials. It is done by connecting the drum, tank or other metals with the earth. The earth as a giant electric field will always accept and neutralize the electric charge received. The proper grounding to the tanks, drums or other metals will make every static electricity arisen can be neutralized by the earth. Thus no spark is generated and the risk of fire during the handling process can be minimized. Grounding facilities should be considered as standard facilities in  finishing room  and finishing warehouse such as in the storage of combustible materials. A conductive metal plate usually made of copper is implanted into the ground until penetrates to the earth and reach the ground water. The metal plat usually at least about 1,5 meter long to ensure that it reach the wet ground. Then the other end is connected to a copper plate mounted hoop the room where the tanks or drum of the finishing material is placed. Each time any activities are done with the drum or tank, they should be connected with the copper plate to connect them to the ground.
The grounding facility is quite simple and cheap facility but it must be considered as a standard facilities needed by the finishing room. A grounding facilities is need to be available and easy to be reached in the finishing room to allow everyone can grounding every time he do activities of finishing material. A warning notification and regularly training is necessary also to ensure that the people in the room always follow the right procedure of handling materials. It will minimize the fire risk in a finishing room. 
To find the more information about grounding and caring of inflammable material you can go to this link:  Static bonding and grounding the material

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