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Mixing room in the furniture finishing

Mixing room is a place that used to do the preparation and mixing of finishing materials to supply and support the finishing process. In a small finishing shop the mixing room may not a really separated room.  All the material preparation may be done in the same room with the finishing room. But in a big industrial finishing process, when the production run continuously to finish large quantity product, a mixing room is usually considered as a separated department that is responsible to support the finishing process. All of the finishing material are mixed, prepared and controlled in the mixing room.  This system helps the production to just keep focus on the process while the material supply  is guaranteed by the mixing room.  
The mixing room also does a standard checking to the finishing materials that will be sent to the finishing room. The material forming color such as all stain and glaze are checked their color compared with the standard sample before being sent to the finishing room. The clear coating such sealer and top coat are checked its viscosity before brought to the finishing room. The mixing room also does all the mixing and making the finishing material. The mixing of the clear coating such as reduction with thinner or the mixing with the hardener or other adjustment is done in the mixing room. The mixing of every stain and glaze such as the reduction or the making materials are done also in this room.  After ensure that the materials are correct then they are brought to supply the production process in the finishing room. In the modern finishing system and large-scale production, the finishing material are pumped into the room finishing.  In this system the control of all finishing material can be done in one room, the mixing room.
Mixing room is also associated with the process of making sample and developing color. Every time a new color needed, then a sample maker works to find the step panel for this color. Once a step panel is already approved means that a finishing system has been found. Then the sample maker send the system and the standard material to the mixing room. The mixing room is going to make and prepare all the material according with the finishing system and the standard sample to the production. The mixing room is responsible to provide the proper materials needed for production purposes.

The jobs of the mixing room:

  •  Checking the finishing materials.
The proper finishing is one necessary condition  to produce good results finishing. The checking to the finishing material is very important. Color-forming materials such as glaze, stain should always be checked with the standard color should be. All clear coatings such as sealer, wash coat or top coat should be checked its mixing ratio and viscosity according to the need. Other materials such as filler or putty should also be checked to ensure that material is correct.
  • Keep sample, documentation and recording of the finishing system.
Mixing room is one source of information from finishing in the production process involves the process of finishing. Therefore, all records about the process of finishing done like finishing process, step panels, materials used should always be available. All the standard samples as  tools to check the material should be kept in a good system. Every time a certain finishing system is going to be executed then all the required information can be retrieved from the mixing room. Mixing room also needs to have a detailed record of how a mix was made. The also should be a recording about the composition of all the finishing material that is mixed, the viscosity and other detail needed to facilitate the finishing process .
  • Control the inventory.
As the department responsible for providing support to the finishing process the mixing room is also need to have a control to the stock of the material finishing.  He needs to ensure that there is always enough material in his stock to keep the production running.

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