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Polyester coating for wood furniture finishing.

A high gloss finish with polyester coating

Polyester coating.

Polyester resin is a polymer made from the reaction of polybasic acids and polyhydric alcohol. The polyester coating is the coating that use polyester resin as it main ingredient. Polyester coating can produce a thick film which has high resistant to the scratches, chemical and outside weather. Since that, these paints is widely used for finishing on products that require maximum protection. The polyester paint much used to finish the outdoor products such as fencing or garden furniture. For indoor purposes, polyester is widely used for finish to the products that need maximum protection such as: office cabinets, desks or chairs made from metal. Polyester is also widely used as a finishing material on ceramic such as cups, plates, bowls, etc.

Polyester for wood finishing.
Most of the polyester paint is used to do the finishing process on the products that more prioritize to the protection than the decorative value. This coating is rarely used to finish the wood furniture products. The difficulty in its application, and its relatively less clear appearance makes this coating is not too popular to be used in wood furniture finishing. The wood furniture usually need finishing that emphasizes to enhance the beauty looked of the wood.
Nevertheless there are some models of wood finishing that is more easily achieved by using the polyester coating. A finishing with clean looked; close pores and thick film layer would be easier to be achieved with the polyester coating. The polyester coating will produce a thick and thermoseting film layer which is strong, high resistant to chemicals, scratches and heat. The hardness and durability of this coating is even greater than the PU coating. Yet since its difficulty in handling and application, a wood finishing with polyester coating as a full system is quite rare. The combination of polyester with NC or PU is more widely used in the wood furniture finishing. 
The polyester sealer followed with the PU or NC top coat is more often used to make a fully close pores finish with thick film. This system may help to overcome some quality problems from the wood substrate. Some imperfectness in the unfinished wood that could be a problem to make a flat and smooth surface in small level can be solved with this coating. This coating can produce finish with thick layer that can hide the small dents, and the uneven surface caused by the wood pores and grains structure. This finish is more secure than the other type of clear coating. On a nitrocellulose type finish, finishing with film thickness more than 5 mills is high risk to get crack. But with polyester coating, a film thickness about 10 miles is still considered safe.

In practice, this paint is rather difficult to be handled and applied. This paint consists of 3 components: thinner, coating materials and the activator or hardener. These three components should be mixed with the right composition when it applied. The mixing should be done carefully. The paint and activator should not be mixed directly  in the thick condition because the risk of an explosion that could endanger the people nearby. The safe way to mix this materials is  by divide the thinner into 2 parts, 1 parts is mixed with the paint, while 1 other part is mixed with the activator and then those two parts are mixed together to make a ready to spray material. 

The three components of polyester coating that have been mixed should be applied soon because it has a short pot life. In the mass production, which do finishing process to big volume product, the coating is applied with special spraying equipment. The spraying machine is equipped with a special pump to flow the three materials separately to the spray gun. The three of finishing materials: paint, thinners and activator are flowed and mixed in the right composition to the gun which it will be atomized and directed to the desired surface. With this equipment, the coating application can be done quickly and easily without the risk of a waste material since it short pot life.
For use in small scale, the cup gun can be used with the proper schedule. The proper amount of mixing is needed to reduce the risk of the material wastes.
This coating is also requires a relatively long drying time, a dust-free room is necessary to place the wet coat product. 

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