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PT PK Mulyo furniture factory in Salatiga Central Java

PT PK Mulyo.
Indonesia is known as one of the furniture-producing country in the world. Every month thousands container of furniture products from Indonesia are sent abroad to fill the furniture market in worldwide. One of furniture factories in Indonesia is PT Mulyo. PT Mulyo is one of the furniture factories in Indonesia that have long been engaged as a furniture manufacturing company in Indonesia. Started since 1965 as a saw mill company, this plant now is established to be one of the modern furniture manufacturers in Indonesia.
The factory is located in Salatiga, a small but cool and comfortable town in the southern city of Semarang the capital of Central Java. As well as furniture factories in central Java, PT Mulyo focuses to produce furniture products with a high selling value. His products mostly are furniture with a touch of art that have a high value. His skillful and experience peoples make this factory can combine the natural resources that lot available in here with the modern production system to create unique furniture products. As a high end furniture manufacturer he is considered as a quite big company.  Averagely he ships about 65 containers furniture products per month  mostly to US and Europe.

Until now PT PK Mulyo remain consistently committed to keep develops and grows. The production and management systems are always developed following the development of modern industry today.
PT PK Mulyo also has a design team who always do the innovations and releasing new models to follow the tastes of the world furniture market. Yet he also accept orders from buyers who have their own specific design.
More information about the factory, products and history can be viewed by go to this link:

Or,  you can visit this factory by go to this address in: 
Margorejo 588A, Gendongan Lor - Salatiga, Central Java 50743 Indonesia
Phone : +62 (298) 323-866, 321-468 - Fax : +62 (298) 323-875

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