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Wood sculpture

Finishing to the wood sculpture.

Did you ever do the finishing process on a sculpture made of wood? To finish wood furniture is our daily activities, but to finish the wood statue is quite special.. It is really an interesting experience. Here is my experience when doing a project finishing to the sculpture.

On one day we got a project to do the finishing process on a sculpture made from wood. It is quite big statue, it about one man size. It height was about 170 cm and 100 kg weighted.
The statue was so heavy; the handling was very difficult since we do not have any equipment to lift and bring this big thing. The difficulty was beginning when we unload it and bring it to the finishing room. But finally with a lot of effort we could bring this good into the finishing room.
Then the finishing process was started. Since it was a statue which depicts a form of a soldier, then of course we had to give different colors to each part according to its form.  After an intense discussions finally we agreed with final and appearance for the sculpture. It is an antique finishing looked wood sculpture soldier.  The shoes were colored green, the shirt is in red, the exposed body such as hands and face were light brown, dark brown for the hair, etc.
There a lot of taping and to cover the necessary part we had to did when we stained. Fortunately its overall looked was an antique and old looked, so the untidiness work were hidden by the antique effects.
After 2 days work, finally we finished this project.
There were the pictures:  

Direct Wood Sculpture: Technique- Innovation - Creativity

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