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Baby furniture

Baby furniture is a big business in the world. Every day there are about 490,000 babies born in the whole world. And every new baby needs equipment for his life, including furniture to his bed. Therefore there is always demand for baby furniture, make the baby furniture industry is a relatively stable. The crisis economic that hit many furniture business just give little effect to the baby furniture business. In the crisis conditions every family might think to reduce expenses but not for their babies. Even in the difficult conditions, each family will always prioritize their expenses to their baby needs. So as long as there are new babies born, there always good news for baby furniture products.


Baby furniture has different specifications than the furniture products for adults. Baby furniture usually has a relative simple form. The models, form and style are relatively limited with the sizes is also about the same standard. The baby furniture products are used for infants who are relatively weak and susceptible to the chemical and its surrounding.  The security and safety are the main factors that first be considered in making and design the baby furniture. The forms, construction, the materials used are all selected with a safety factor for  baby as the main factor. The height from the floor, distance between the crib, shapes and sizes of each part must be made with standard size that is considered safe for the baby with all his activities. The materials substrate is used, the finishing materials used, hardware and other supporting materials must also use standard materials that are safe for baby.
Every country usually has set a security and safety standards that must be met for the product baby furniture. For baby furniture products in the U.S. they usually refer on the standard ASTM:
While the standard for other countries it can be seen at: children's products  standard.

Finishing for baby furniture.

Baby furniture products are usually made with a relative simple finishing. A dark brown or light brown color transparent finishing is the finishing model that widely used. The light and soft solid colors are also commonly found for this product. The finishing process is relatively simple with 1 or 2 stain without using the any special effects such as to the adult furniture. But the finishing materials used have to be safe for the baby. The finishing materials can not contain toxins and other substances that can interfere with infant growth. Finishing materials cannot contain the harmful substance for the baby such as: lead, formaldehyde, phthalate, etc.
Each country or region usually has set standard regulation that must be followed regarding finishing materials to baby this product. For American products, the rules used are usually referring to the ASTM 963-08, while for European countries refer to EN 71 Part 3.

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