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Finishing for baby furniture.

The baby furniture needs a special finishing material. While the style of the finishing for baby furniture is also need to follow its simple models and structure. The clean transparent colors with one or 2 stain with sufficient film layer is the finishing model most often found to the baby furniture products. The glaze application if any is normally done by sprayed and wiped clean or brushed evenly without any special effects. Finishing with solid colors is also widely used with light and calm colors. The white is the mostly used as well as other baby color such as; pink, light blue, light green, etc. The solid color combine with a hand paint or stencil with some images or pictures can also be used to produce more attractive appearance baby furniture.
Finishing for baby furniture is generally much simpler model than other furniture. The finishing process for this product usually can be done on the finishing room with standard facilities. A finishing shop with good condition with adequate spray booth and spray equipment  can be used to do the process of finishing on the baby furniture products. But a baby furniture manufacturer with large production volumes should build a finishing line that suitable to serve his finishing process.

 baby box 

Finishing material for baby furniture.

The special finishing material is needed for baby furniture. The regulation regarding safety and security for the baby products has limited the finishing materials that can be used. Finishing materials used for baby furniture should be able to meet the standards of security and safety for baby. The water based coating, UV coating and PU normally can be used as finishing material to finish this product, but somehow a standard testing must be done to ensure that the product meets the required safety standards. Most of finishing material manufacturers has provided the a special finishing materials in various types that can meet the required safety standards for baby products. With this specially made material the baby furniture products can be finished with almost any type of finishing material. Finishing process with the NC, PU, or even Acid Curing can be used as well the Water based, or UV coating
A standard for finishing materials can be different for each country. In general, the finishing materials must be lead free, phtalate free and toxic free.

The equipment and facilities that mostly used for finish the baby furniture products.

  • Hanging conveyor.
Baby furniture products usually made of lot components with small and simple form, but require good finishing layer on both sides. A hanging conveyor line is more suitable to do the finishing process on such products. Hanging conveyor is a proper facility to facilitate the spraying on both sides in the same time.  The small parts and all component of baby furniture can be hung in a moving line and sprayed in each booth according to the finishing process.
  • Electrostatic spray gun equipment.
Most of the baby furniture products components are formed in crib, posh, rod or panels. The components are small surfaced form. For this particular form the use of a conventional spray gun will tend to waste the finishing material. The spray application will hit more on the empty space then the objects, and resulted low efficiency in material usage. The electrostatic spray equipment is the right equipment to increase the efficiency of finishing material for this product. Electrostatic spray equipment is considered expensive and complex equipment that requires special handling, but with the amount of material savings it will be an attractive option. For a production with a large amount then automatic spray equipment such as rotary disc spray can also be considered to be used. But for a small or medium scale production the electrostatic spray equipment that is run manually is a reasonable choice.
  • Flat line finishing for baby furniture.
Baby furniture product also many are in boards or flat panel. For these products then a flat finish line is better alternative. A flat line finishing with a series of roller coater or curtain coater equipped with oven for curing can do the finishing process on flat forms quickly and consistently with high efficiency.


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