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Walnut wood for furniture.

walnut furniture

Walnut wood is very popular in the wood furniture industry in the past. Walnut is hard, strong and has dark color wood that very ideal to make high quality and high-priced furniture. Now the use of walnut wood is no longer as much as before. The availability of many other types of wood which are cheaper has reduced the uses of this wood. The advanced wood finishing technology has made the dark colors can easily be made by the stain application also reduced the popularity of the walnut wood. Walnut wood is still widely used to make furniture with premium price.
The veneer technology today has also greatly increased the flexibility in the uses  of the walnut wood for furniture. Veneer have made the walnut furniture can be made with less price. Walnut veneer is also can be combined with many other veneer to form special pattern. The combination of dark walnut veneer with a light-colored veneer can make make a nice 2 tone furniture product.
There are many different types of walnut that used in the woodworking industry. The American walnut, English walnut, Italian walnut, French walnut and Turkish walnut are most used in the furniture industry. American walnut is the most popular since it is a superior wood, strong, hard and has dark color with nice gain. It has strong grain character with black stripes in it. While the other walnut has some slightly light color, but the walnut wood is still a proper wood to make the luxury and expensive furniture.

Finishing for walnut wood.
The walnut wood has a dark brown base color with black stripes inside its grain. Its dark color makes the color choices is a relatively limited. The wood can not be finished in light color.  Actually the dark wood color can be an advantage since it can produce dark finish with less stain. The application of traditional finishing materials such as oil, wax or shellac will be able to produce dark finish. A clear coating application with just a thin stain or no stain already make a nice dark color finish.
However at this time the advanced of finishing technology has make the dark color finish is easily formed with the stain application. The dark color of the wood is more limit the color choices instead of an advantage. When a light color finish is desired than the dark wood has to be bleached to lighten its base color.
The walnut wood sometimes has color variation which can be very contrast between the dark color in his heartwood with white color on his sap wood. To make an even finishing color, a good color equation is needed. A dark brown sap stain can be used to bring the white wood to the dark brown color.
This wood has a regular straight pattern grain with a strong character with a soft texture and small and shallow pores. This wood is easily finished in close pores finish. One-time filler application will fill the pores and grains to produce a close pores finish quickly. The transparent is the most proper finish for the walnut wood. Its grain patterns and strong base colors can be maximally explored to make an attractive appearance wood furniture. A transparent finishing with
dark color, close pores, clean, and high gloss will generate a furniture product with elegant, luxurious and expensive looked.
This wood can also be bleached to make light colors. The light color could have more models and variations. Walnut-colored wood still have the beautiful grain pattern and can be finished in many models and color. A light brown color with antique style can be chosen to make an interesting furniture product.
This wood has shallow and small pores and grain textures; it is relatively easy to be finished in close pores. The application of thick sealer may close the pores and grains, but the use of filler is still a better choice especially for finishing system with non-catalyzed clear coating. Non-catalyzed clear coating such as NC or lacquer has a relatively low solid content will require a lot of sealer and top coat application to close the pores. The uses of catalyzed clear coating such as PU or AC can close the pores and grain with thick application and sanding sealer but the filler application is still recommended to speed up the finishing process.

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