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High gloss finish for furniture

High gloss finish furniture

One of finishing model for furniture products is the high gloss finish. In the past when the finishing is done by traditional finishing materials, the gloss of a finish is fully determined by the thickness of the film built on the surface. Traditional varnish and shellac cannot regulate the resulting gloss. The more smooth, flat and thick the surface, the more high gloss is resulted. But now with advances technology in the finishing material, the gloss finishing can be adjusted by the top coat used. A thick finishing can be made in a low gloss by the use of low-gloss top coat, as well as a thin layer of finish also can produce a high gloss finish. Since that, the gloss in a finish layer can be more flexibly created. Lot of finishing model and type can be made with more variation in the gloss. The finishing industry now can easily accommodate a request of a finishing with any gloss variation. Since then, the finishing with very high gloss is relatively reduced. There are many furniture models that are made with low gloss such as: classic, rustic, antique, etc. Even so, of course, there are many products that more suitable with  high gloss finish. Contemporary furniture products with simple model and flat form are still looked attractive with high gloss. A finishing with thick films, clean, high gloss on a proper model will produce elegant, luxurious and expensive furniture.

High-gloss finish requires different approach and process. To be successful in doing the high gloss finish, we should be able to know and understand the problems that often occur so we can anticipate it well.

Tips to do the high gloss finish.
  • Finishing high-gloss is more suitable for furniture with simple shapes.
A finishing process must be able to add the aesthetic value to the products. From this reason, a finishing shall be in accordance with the model and the shape of the furniture. Finishing with a high gloss is more appropriate for products with simple shapes. Furniture with flat form, with variation on veneer setting and little carving or arch will be looked luxurious and elegant in high gloss finish. Furniture with a complex model with many intricate carvings or antique model is not suitable with high gloss and a thick film layer.

  • High gloss finishes require more carefully and thoroughly work.
A high gloss finish should be done more carefully and cautiously. Some minor damaged may still be hidden in an antique finish, but it will be seem obviously in the high gloss finish. High gloss finish does not have antique effects that can hide some defective and imperfectness that mostly happened in the production process. The existence of a little hole, dents or sanding marks may can be camouflaged in a antique low gloss finish, but it will be looked very clear on clean high gloss finish. Therefore, even this finish does not require special effects such as the antique looked finish or decorative finish, the finishing process probably take longer time since it should be done more carefully. Each finishing process such as: coloring, clear coating, sanding and handling should be done more carefully.

  • High gloss finishes require better preparation in the unfinished product.
The higher gloss finish, the more obvious the condition of the furniture. Uneven, waves, scratches, putty and any other imperfectness will be very obvious at the high gloss finish. Since that, the furniture product must be prepared well  since the production process begins. A precision measurement, good sanding and assembling should be done to obtain a neat and tidy product.

  •  High gloss finish usually requires thicker layer of film.
The fact is often there are always some imperfectness on unfinished wood had to be fixed in  the finishing process. Some dents or an uneven surface on a certain scale can be solved by application thick layer finishing film. Therefore, the high gloss finish should be made with materials that are suitable for producing thick layer film. High gloss finish is very difficult to obtain with a full NC system finish. NC clear coating has low solid content and tends to crack if the layer is too thick. The Acid curing, PU or polyester are more suitable material for making the high gloss finish. The combination of PU or acid curing with NC is quite easy process, but if you need a high resistant finish the fully PU or Polyester combine with PU is the best choice.

  •  High gloss finish requires a clean finishing room.
A high gloss finish does not allow the existence of dirt or dust. Therefore finishing room should be adequate to do the process. The drying and spray room should clean and dust free.

  •  Do rubbing whenever possible.
A high gloss finish is sometimes more easily obtained by rubbing process. A full gloss rubbing process will be able to produce a nice looked high gloss finish. This rubbing process of course require an additional process that takes time, effort and cost, but sometimes this process is more easily done to make a high gloss finish. The difficulty in finishing process of producing a flat, smooth and clean finish is often easily solved by do the rubbing process.

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