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The L.V.L.P. spray gun (low volume low pressure air spray gun)

The L.V.L.P. spray gun is spray equipment type that is recently popular now in the wood furniture finishing. The L.V.L.P. spray gun is the further development of  H.V.L.P. spray gun and air spray gun. The basic approach is the fact that the lower pressure in the atomization will higher the efficiency of the finishing material usage. If in the H.V.L.P. spray gun we use low pressure and high volume of compressed air, to increase the material efficiency, in the L.V.L.P. spray gun we use low air pressure and low volume of compressed air. The low pressure of the compressed air will reduce the dust spray and more finishing material will coat on the surface, produce higher efficiency of finishing material application.
The atomization resulted is not as perfect as the conventional air spray gun, but it is enough for wood finishing requirement. The wood finishes does not need a perfect atomization such as the car refinishes. The wood surface that contains grain and pore is susceptible to the little imperfections atomization finishing material. This fact encourages the finishing equipment industry to develop the L.V.L.P. spray gun. The atomization resulted by the L.V.L.P. spray gun is about the same quality as the airless assisted spray gun but with simpler and cheaper equipment.  With cheaper price and atomization quality is sufficient for the wood finishing; the L.V.L.P. spray gun is a very attractive option for industrial wood finishing.

Here is some advantages L.V.L.P. spray gun.

  • The simple tool with a relatively cheap price.
This tool is simpler and cheaper than airless or assisted spray gun with efficiency and atomization quality is about the same. Different with the airless spray gun that requires a high pressure pump, the L.V.L.P. spray gun work with low pressure. A diaphragm pump or pressure port can be used to flow the material into this spray gun. Diaphragm pump or pressure port is working at low pressure (about 1 to 4 bar), much lower than the airless spray gun that requires  high pressure pump (up to 60 bar). The installation of the L.V.L.P. spray gun  that is relatively simple has many advantages such as: cheaper price, easier in the maintenance, smaller  and lighter equipment. The lighter of material hoses and spray gun make it more flexible and maneuverable in the application. The low pressure is also relatively more secure then the high pressure pump.  
  • The spray gun is more flexible and adjustable.
The L.V.L.P. spray gun is the development of air spray; it is very similar with the air spray and H.V.L.P. spray gun. It has some screws to adjust the air pressure, the volume of material,  the width and direction of the spray spreading as well as the air spray gun. Thus, this tool can be more flexibly adjusted and set in the application.
  • More efficient in the materials uses.
This tool produces atomization with same quality as the air assisted airless spray gun (AA spray gun). The atomization will result lest dust spray then the conventional air spray. The less dust spray means higher material transfer efficiency. With proper adjustment and correct application theoretically it can save material about 10% -20% compared with the air spray gun. See our previous article: the comparison of spray gun type.

The fact is this tool has several disadvantages instead of his advantages. To produce optimal results it needs to be applied appropriately.

Here are some tips of using the L.V.L.P. spray gun.

  • Use the L.V.L.P. spray gun in accordance with the specification.
This tool will work well when it used in accordance with the specification, therefore, make sure that the materials we used and adjusted according with the specifications. The specification of the tool may vary depend on the brand and size, but averagely the specification is as follow:  
 - Air pressure: 1-2 bar
 - Volume of compressed air: 170 - 300 l / min
 - Viscosity of the finishing materials maximum 17 second (measured with NK 2 cup).  

  • The movement of the spray gun.
This tool set with a minimum pressure, the air pressure in the gun where material atomized is about zero, since that it requires closer distance between the spray gun and the surface. The spray resulted is work best when the spray distance is about 15cm to 20cm. This tool should be moved little bit slower then the air spray or airless spray gun. The higher tips and nozzle size should be used to get the same result with the air spray gun. The operator who are already use  the air spray or airless spray gun will also need little time to learn and get used  with this tool.
  • The maintenance of this tool.
All the tools always need a good maintenance. The L.V.L.P. gun is need to be good cared and maintenance to keep it in the good condition and stay longer. The maintenance and cleaning is very similar as the other spray gun. See our previous article: the maintenance of spraying equipment.

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