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Brush for wood furniture finishing

Brush is one tool that has been used in the finishing industry since long time ago.  It is  the main tool to apply finishing materials when the spray gun and other modern equipment was not found yet. Although the current use of the brush has been much reduced with spray equipment and other modern finishing equipment, the role of brush in the finishing industry is still very important. There are many finishing jobs that still need brush.

Various types of brush.
The demand of the finishing of industry make brush-making industry has evolved also by providing various kinds and types of brushes. Thus currently finishing industry can choose the type of brush as needed. In general, the brushes are also available in a variety of prices according with the quality. The brushes are available and made of various materials. Traditionally the brush is made of: badger, horses, sable, camel, and hog hair, but currently the most common used material is synthetic material. The natural hair is expensive but give fine finish have spring in them; make the finishing material to cling with the hair. Synthetic material is usually cheaper, stronger and could be better choice for some particular purpose.
When selecting brush it is better to choose the brush with a good quality compared to the brush with a cheap price. The good brush will help to work easier with better result. Selection of the type of the brush also must according to the type of finishing material and that will be applied and the desired finishing result. Some special brush are used to make special finishing effect  such as: smudge effect, brush line, texture effect, etc.

 Flat paint brush.
They have thick head,  the more hair is better and usually more expensive. It is used to apply glaze, varnish, paint or lacquer to make an even and smooth surface.

badger or softener brush
Usually made from hog hair. It is mostly used for softening the antique or other effect in the oil finish, glaze or water based paint.

artist brush
It is available in various sizes with flat or rounded ends. They are uses for many decorative purposes with oil or water based paint.

stencil brush
 They are specially design for stenciling. They have round-headed, bristle, stiff and short hairs and available in many sizes

Fitch brush
 They are used for marbling, freehand painting and other finishing effects. The are available for many tip sizes and shapes.

stipple brush
It is used to taking off the dot of glaze, to make decorative effect on finishing with glaze or paint.

block brush
It is rough and rather stiff hair. It is used to make the textured surface. Also can be used to do stippling but cannot make smooth result as the stipple brush. 

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