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Furniture with two color ( two tone finish).

combination of gold and transparent color
The growing of furniture industry at this time has made furniture finishing become very important.  At the beginning of furniture industry, the finishing may be considered only as a complement to the furniture product. But now it has become one of the important factors to  increase the selling value. The finishing is the aesthetic factor to meet the tastes of buyers and users of the furniture product. Finishing is a final touch to complete the design to generate the uniqueness of the products to attract the people to buy and use them.
Like the design, the finishing also grow to follow the models and trend in the culture or society. Many different colors and finishing models which are unique and interesting are generated. One of finishing models for furniture is a finishing with 2 colors or two tones finish. Two tones finishes for furniture is already  well known since long time ago and until now this model is still liked by many peoples.

 combination of two transparent color
Generally the furniture product with 2 colors will look more alive and dynamic. By selecting the appropriate color and appropriate blending, the product with two tone finish will have attractive appearance.
Here are some factors has to be considered in the 2 color finishing.

  •  The form and design of the product.
The form and design is always the first factor that must be considered in selecting the finishing process. A finishing should be able to customize the design, model and form of furniture to maximize the aesthetic value that already exists on the furniture products.  The two tone finish will make the furniture looked more dynamic, it more proper to the furniture with simple model. The two tone color on the heavy and complex dosing will make the furniture looked  too busy and heavy. The color combination made should also along to the form and shape, considering the process finishing that will be done.

  • The proper color combination.
Since the finishing is using more than 1 color then, the colors used must be in proper combination. A combination of darker color with lighter color is often used. The color differences between them should be appropriate to make nice looked furniture. Too small contrast will make the impression of two tone becomes not so visible, while too much contrast will make the finishing appearance to look too dorky and weird. The combination of solid color with transparent color or 2 different solid colors can also be used. The combination of paint or transparent finish the gold or silver color finish are also mostly found. The small  accent of  gold or silver color will make a nice and attractive appearance.  But the overall finishing should have  a harmonious appearance as a one furniture product.

  •  Consider the process of finishing.
A finishing process instead of consider with the looked also must consider the cost factor. Finishing process with 2 colors, will always requires an additional process that makes the finishing process is becoming more complicated and expensive. The process is done by covering certain parts and coloring the open parts with the desired color, wait for the finish to dry and then continue with the cover finish parts and do finishing processes in other parts. This process always needs more times, more complicated and expensive. A finishing with the combination that is too complicated may make the finishing process become very difficult. The parts that are too small or too complicated form such as small line or motif inlay sometimes is too difficult to be covered to be finished in different color. 

combination solid color with transparent color
  • The products appearance should be harmony as 1 unit.
A furniture product however is a one item; the variation that is made the product must still keep it looked as 1 unity object. Finishing process using with different color stain at the beginning and use the same glaze and clear coating for is a good option. This process will simplify the process of finishing and also will produce a more harmonious and unified appearance.

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