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Glue splotches problem in the furniture

Glue problem is a classic problem in the furniture manufacturer. This problem is often encountered in the manufacture of furniture. Glue that is left on the wood surface will make spot mark or splotchy. This glue mark may not so obviously look in the unfinished, but they will be clearly visible after it is finished. The glue splotches will ruin the appearance of finishing, since that it has to be cleaned as far as possible. The glue that is used for assembling has to be strong enough to make an unseparated bond between each component in the furniture product. The glue cannot be resolved after it dry. Since that the glue is difficult to be cleaned with thinner; the method to cleaning the glue is by sanding the wood
Cleaning the glue splotches is usually done by sanding before the finishing process begins. Scrapper or knife can be used to scrap the thick glue splotches, before it sanded to clean the glue mark. The fact the glue mark is rather difficult to be viewed in the unfinished wood. Mostly the glue spot is found after the wood is stained. We can apply a thin stain to help find the glue splotches in the sanding process. This method is also help to find the other imperfectness in unfinished wood such as: the sanding mark, small dents, uneven surfaces, etc.
Some furniture manufacturers even chose to clean the furniture glue mark after the first stain application. The unfinished  product after being sanded are taken to the finishing room for first stain application, then after that the furniture are reviewed and rechecked to find the unfinished problems such as: glue marks, scratches, dent, etc. The problem then are revised and touched up, and then the products are sent to the next finishing process.   Some factories choose this system since it makes the process production quickly run.
The sanding to remove glue stain is tough process. The form factor of the furniture make the sanding is difficult to be done perfectly. Therefore the best way to clean the glue is to wipe it or resolve the glue while it is still wet. It has to be done in the assembling process. After the component are mounted and assembled, then the glue excess has to be cleaned. The wet glue is can be easily cleaned by thinner or water, but when the glue is dry the cleaning is become difficult.

 Fixing the glue problem in the stain process

Here are the things that need to be done to minimize the glue problem.
  • Make sure the component are precise before assembled.
The components of furniture should have the right size and shape before being assembled in the assembling process. The right size and shape will make the assembling process can be done faster and it will greatly speed up the process making furniture..

  •  Provide room to accommodate the glue excess in the assembling process.
When we cut the dowel or mortise, trim edges slightly to make it is shorter than the room where the dowel is inserted. This room is useful to place for excess glue when the components are assembled.

  • Use the proper glue with the right mixing ratio.
There are several types of glue can be used for gluing wood. Choose the most suitable glue which is especially designed for assembling purposes. And if we have to mix the glue ourselves, then we need to follow the appropriate mixing ratio.  

  •  Provide water or paint thinner and a rag during the process of assembling.
When the assembling process is done, there always glue excess that need to be cleaned up. The cleaning of the glue will be easier when the glue is still wet or semi wet. Prepare a cloth and thinner or water so every glue excess can be wiped and cleaned soon after the component are assembled when the glue is still wet. The cloth should be provided in sufficient quantities, so it was dirty cloth can be directly replaced with a clean cloth. When the cloth get dirty, then it has to be replaced with the new one, since the dirty cloth even at risk to create worst mark on the wood surface

  • Work carefully and discipline.
This assembling process as well as other production processes, requires discipline work to get the maximum results. Therefore, when a process system has been made then the process must be followed with discipline. With the right process since the beginning then we can minimize the revision and touch up work and the production process can run quickly and efficiently. 

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