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Antique black paint finish.

The black color is also quite popular  in the furniture finishing. Many peoples like to use the black color in his furniture. The black color generally give graceful and elegant impression in a product. The black color finish is also available in many models, each are interesting with its own beauty. The black color can be made with a clean finish, usually it is made in high gloss and mostly used for the modern looked furniture. While the antique black finish is more proper to the more classic, antique and busy model.
In this article we write about black antique finish finishing process. It is a black finish with rub looked and dirty impression.  In this process we use NC system, all finishing material used here is NC type. Here is the finishing step by step.
The finishing step is as follow:
1. Distress
2. Stain
3. sand through
4. sealer
5. glaze
6. sealer 2
7. top coat
The step panel for antique black paint finish
  • Physical distress
The physical distress is first process to create the damaged looked since the old stuff. The distress is purposed to make the old impression physically. The physical distress for this finish is done with file, nail and rock and chain. The nail is use to imitate the warm hole, the file, rock and chain are used to make defect on the edges to imitate the damage since the handling of the stuff when it used. The file is used to rasp on the edges, while the rock and chain is used to hit the surfaces. The distress should be done randomly and naturally looked and according to the shape and model.
The physical distress is need to be followed with the sanding. The wood is sanded to remove all the sharp edges and to smooth the rough surfaces caused by the physical distress. Th e sanding process is also need to make ware mark. Do more sanding on some point to make the ware mark. Use the 280 or 240 sandpaper to sand in this process.
The wood panel after physical distress
  • Stain application.
Then the next process is the stain application. This is a black paint finish, so we need to use the paint stain. Black base coat or black toner is the simple material for this purpose. Black base coat is sprayed evenly to overall surface, then let it dry.
After the base coat dry then the next process is sand through. The stain is sanded, the sanding process is done to smoother the wood surfaces and also to make the rub off effect. Sand the overall surfaces until we can get smooth surfaces, then continue the sanding to make sand through on some part.
The sand through effect is very critical point. How the sand through is done will really directly determine the finishing looked. The sand through has to follow according to the shape, model of the furniture product. 

the first sealer finishing step
  • The 1st sealer application.
The next process is sealer application. The sealer is applied evenly on the overall surface. Wait until the sealer dry.In this sealer we don,t do sanding. The sanding process after base coat is high risk to create sanding mark on the glaze application. When the sealer is dry we can continue to apply glaze on it.
  • The glaze application.
The glaze is applied to create more antique looked. Since it is black color, so we use the white glaze. White glaze is poured or sprayed on the surface and then wiped and brushed evenly. Do some highlight to the glaze and let it dry.
  • The 2nd sealer application
The second sealer is applied to seal the glaze and provide a smooth surface before the op coat application. Apply 1 or 2 layer of sealer evenly, let it dry and do good sanding on the sealer. The sanding need to be good to prepare the surface before top coat application.

the antique black paint finish
  • Top coat.
The top coat is applied by spray on the surface. Since it kind of antique finish then the semi doff of low sheen top coat is the suitable sheen for this finish. 

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