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Brushing the lacquer.

Brushing lacquer.

Although most of the finishing materials application is currently done with the spraying equipment, but the application of finishing materials by brush is still also performed. Some traditional finishing materials such as shellac, varnish or oil finish is still applied with brush. To fulfill the requirement of brushing application some finishing material manufacturer are make special coating that is designed to be applied by brush. One of the modern clear that is applied by brush is the brushing lacquer. It is a type of lacquer ( a dry evaporate clear coating) that is designed to be applied by brush. Some other type of modern finishing materials such as polyurethane, water base lacquer are also available to be applied with brush.
The brushing lacquer is special lacquer that is designed to be applied by brush. Brushing lacquer is made with special properties, this material has longer drying time longer than the spray lacquer. The drying time is slow enough so that it can be brushed with flat and smooth surface. This material is also available in this type of sealer and top coat. Both can be used in the finishing process in accordance with the process that we need. Brushing lacquer is usually made well with special thinner. Always use the appropriate thinner if we need to reduce it. Application of finishing materials by brush is simpler than the spray application. It does not  require spray equipment and special room or spray booth as the spray application.The skills for brush application also can be more easily trained and mastered compared with the spray technique. Even so, of course, the brushing application to the finishing materials is also requires a special consideration and adjustment.

Here are some things that must be considered in the application of finishing materials by brush.
  • Use the proper finishing materials.
The finishing materials are applied in by brush of course designed differently with the finishing materials to be applied by spray The material that is designed for brushing application generally is need to dry slower and flow better. We may add some retarder to use the spray lacquer to make it dry slower, but since the availabilities of the finishing material today, the uses the proper materials is much better option.  There are some modern finishing material are designed to the brush application.The brushing lacquer is may the easiest  material to be used since it is a lacquer type and specially designed for brush application. But there are also other materials available such as: varnish, oil finish, shellac, and some other modern coating such as: polyurethane and water based.
  •  Use the appropriate brush.
To obtain good results it is necessary to use the proper brushes for this application. The brushes are suitable for applications is the flat, thick and smooth brush. The paint brush is the type that is designed for the paint application to make flat and result is the suitable brush for  brushing the lacquer. Some other types of brushes such as Fitch brush which has fine and thick  hairs can also be used.

  •  The correct brushing technique.
It need a skill of brushing techniques to obtain the flat and smooth surface. Brushing technique may be simpler with the spray technique, but still requires a considerable exercise. How you dip the brush tip, the material loaded by the brush, the brush stroke, the time when layering the coat are the critical point to the bruising application. Do some application on some panel, until we are familiar with the materials, brush and the technique  before do application on the big item product.

  •  Good air circulation
The process brushing is not going to generate dust, such as in the spray applicator,  but it will still generate pollutant material for the environmental. Brushing lacquer still release solvent during its drying process. This solvent vapor can interfere the human health. Then its must be released from the finishing room. A good air circulation is very important to release the solvent vapor in the room and replaced with fresh air. The good air circulation will also help speed up the drying process.

  •  Consider the drying time of each process and the existing technical data.
A finishing materials are usually designed to be used and operated in accordance with its special properties. The technical data instruction has to be followed in order to obtain maximum benefits. Always read, check  and follow the technical data such as: drying time, the recommended dilution, the material used, etc. 


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