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Butyl acetate in the wood finishing industry

Butyl acetate in the chemical industry is also known by several name: n-BuAc, n-butyl acetate, normal butyl acetate, acetic acid n-butyl ester, butyl acetate, n-butyl ethanoate, ethanoic acid, n-butyl ester. Butyl acetate is made in the chemical industry by the esterification of acetic acid and butanol. It is a clear liquid with fruity odor. This solvent is now more being used since it is considered more environmental friendly material to replace the aromatic solvent.
Butyl acetat is the solvent that is widely used in the wood furniture  finishing industry. This material is a solvent that has an excellent ability to dissolve the lacquer, enamel coating or other finishing materials. This material is widely used as the active solvent for the lacquer thinner or other paint thinner. This material has a quite slow evaporation speed, almost ideal to be used as the thinner for the clear coat to produce a good flow.
In the wood finishing industry the butyl acetat is always mixed with some other solvent to make lacquer thinner. The thinner composition is depend on the chemical in the paint that is also different depend on the brand and the supplier. Even though in many cases butyl acetate can be used alone  as the thinner for lacquer,enamel  or base coat for the NC type material. It also work with other clear coat material such as shellac, varnish, and some pu. But however the thinner in the wood finishing industries is always a mixture of some solvent. There are many consideration in the thinner mixed such as the compatibility with the paint, the drying time, the character of the paint and also the economical reason. 
Like other solvent material the handling of the butyl aecetat should be carefully done.  The butyl acetate is  hazardous material, it is a flammable material and harmful to the health. If it inhaled to the human breath it will caused health problem.  We need to follow the standard procedure when dealing with this material. 

The propertis of butyl acetate can be viewed below:
CAS Number                                      : 123-86-4 
Molecular formula                                : C6H12O2
Molecular weight                                 : 116,16
Classification                                       : ester
Boiling point                                        :126 C
Flash point (close cup)                         : 25  C
Freezing point                                      : - 73 C
Density                                                : 0,882 gram per mm
Water solubility                                    : 7 gram per liter

The data is taken from: chemvip

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