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The furniture design

Furniture style.

Today the furniture style is very important thing in furniture product. At this time when the information can easily be obtained, and the furniture-making technology can be studied and imitated quickly, then the design become the main element to capture the buyers taste and winning the competition in the market. The advance of woodworking technology has also been encouraging the designers to create new furniture models and styles. The
information about the furniture models has been widely available and can be obtained easily make the designers can be easier to design the furniture product in accordance with their taste.
In fact the furniture style has evolved according to the development of civilization. There are many new models and designs are created now with or without base on the existing model. to  follow the lifestyle in this era. There is no more furniture style classification. The furniture designer has make various furniture with new design by combine the of the existing models and styles almost without any restriction nor rule.
Grouping the style according to demographic is also increasingly blurred. The information technology has made peoples appetite for the model and forms to be unlimited anymore. Every person from any area can see and find information about a product and easily choose the furniture product from everywhere.
This situation makes the creativity of the designers become increasingly important in designing product. On the other hand with the advances in technology and information available makes the designers are also increasingly their freedom in developing their creativity. Everyone today can make and create models in accordance with his idea. 

Yet of course there are some things that still must be considered in designing a furniture product.  

Here are some things that should be considered in designing furniture product:
  •  The function of the furniture.
Furniture products, however, is still the items for household needs. Every furniture product is purchased still need to be able to fulfill its function as household goods. Since that the furniture should be designed with consider to its function in the room. The development of human culture has also affects the item furniture needed. There are some new furniture is needed to fulfill the people need. Meanwhile there is some old stuff that is not needed anymore because it does not fit with the human needs today.
  •  Rooms will be occupied.
The furniture products will eventually be used to fill the room or place. The furniture product always needs to have the right size according to the room he will be occupied.  Generally, the room and building has also evolved and change according to the development of human civilization. To design the custom product which is used to fill a certain room or building, then the size of furniture can be directly adjusted to the size of the room provided. But to design the furniture products which will be sold in the market, then the design must be consider the general room sizes in the places where furniture products will be marketed.
  • The production process.
The furniture products somehow have to pass through the production process before it can become a real product. The creation of furniture products in the designer idea should be stated in the production process to become tangible product. Since that when design the furniture, the designer should consider the process of the furniture making. A basic construction and production knowledge have to be understood. The product are still need to be “make sense to be made”, especially when the product are going to the furniture manufacturer which will do “mass production” for the furniture. Although the current technology of making furniture was highly developed but the production process still has certain limitations. A very unique design and special might be created but at the time it must still to be economically calculated in the production process. 

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