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Walnut burl for furniture

Burl wood.

Burl wood is exotic wood, he has a very unique pattern grain and color. The burl wood is obtained from trees that grow in deformed manner. Burl woods usually are formed as a spherical shape outgrows in the roots, stems or branches. The spherical burls is fulfilled with lot knot in varies size. The deformity can occur naturally or can be since of the human manipulation. The insect or fungal attack is the main causes of the burl naturally.
The burl wood has a very unique and special looked. He has a very nice grain pattern; it is  also often fully with knots with varies pattern. Many people like to use the burl wood to build the furniture product since its attractive and unique appearance.
Since it is quite rare and unique, then it is very reasonable if it has high price. With the advance of veneering technology, now the use of burl wood is mostly totally replace with the burl veneer. With proper gluing technology the burl for the panels can be made with the veneer as well as the solid wood with fewer prices. The burl veneer can also be used in combination with the regular wood veneer or solid wood to produce the nice and attractive furniture product. In the modern furniture industry the burl veneer are widely used to make the furniture which is unique and special with premium price.   

 walnut burl is used in combination with other veneer
Walnut burl.

Walnut burl is the burl that is obtained from the walnut  trees. Walnut burl is one of the most expensive exotic woods in the furniture industry. Now we may never find the uses of walnut burl wood in the furniture industry since its expensive price.  The furniture manufacturer mostly use  the walnut veneer to make the walnut burl looked furniture. Even though the uses of walnut burl veneer is also more commonly found on the high end furniture products which is sold in great price. The furniture factory use the walnut burl to make a unique appearance as the added value to the furniture product. 
But however the walnut burl needs to be properly handled to maximize his unique and beautiful appearance. Here is some thing to be considered in the uses of walnut burl.
  • The finishing for the walnut burl.
The walnut burl has a very unique grain pattern, so the finishing chosen must be able to enhanced and maximize its beautiful pattern. The transparent color finish is the best option for this wood. But this wood has a dark base color then the color option for its finish is relatively limited. The dark transparent colors is the simple and easiest finish color to be done. The application of clear coating with thin stain or without stain will already produce dark color with his unique attractive appearance.
The light color finish for this wood is always need a bleaching process to whiten the wood base color. The bleaching for the walnut burl is also quite tough process. It dark base color requires a strong bleaching chemical. And several bleaching process may need to be done to produce the white color. 

 the bleached walnut burl
  • Walnut burl veneer is brittle wood.
The walnut burl wood is an abnormal wood, it has an irregular structure of wood and grain. This wood is brittle and easy to be broken and cracked. The veneer cracked is quite common found problem in this wood. To avoid this problem then we need to do proper gluing, use the right glue and the right procedure in making this wood. Check the veneer m.c. in the veneering process. Glue sizing is also highly recommended to minimize the cracking possibility. A thin layer of glue can be layered on the veneer surface before the sanding process. The glue will help to close the pores of the veneer and void the wood movement caused by the moisture content changes.
  • The variation of the grain pattern, knot and color.
Burl wood is obtained from the trees that grow abnormally; it may have variation due of the grain pattern and wood color. It also may contain knot, holes and crack in some parts irregularly.  The wood variation will affect the finishing looked when the product is built and finished. The finishing may be able to make and adjust the color but it won’t be able to manipulate the grain and knot pattern. If we want to make a uniform and good match furniture product, then we need to do veneer matching in the early of furniture manufacturing process.  Make sure that we make a good veneer arrangement in the veneering process. The veneer match also needs to be continuing in the next production process in furniture making. We need a well blend looked in the unfinished furniture and let the finishing to give a touch of art to create a high value furniture product. 
 Masterpiece Console Table with Cherry and Olive Ash Burl Veneer Inlay 

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