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Lighting in the finishing room.

Light is essential in the finishing process. The purpose of a finishing process is to establish a certain color and appearance on product. Color always highly depend on the light that lighting to the object. The finishing process is also detail works which always require sufficient light. The proper lighting will help the operators to do the finishing work more properly and avoid the miss execution since the lack of light. Instead of enough lighting, the finishing room also need the proper lightTherefore, the lighting in the finishing room should be properly designed. The good arrangement of lamps with the correct lamp will be a good support to the finishing process. 

 The finishing room should be light enough in daylight

Here are some things that must be considered in lighting in the finishing room.
  • The types of lamps for finishing room.
The visible color from an object is obtained from the color reflected by the object when the object is subjected to light. Based on this theory, it is easy to understand if we see an object with different color when it is illuminated with different lights. This phenomenon sometimes can create problem in the finishing process. At the moment we see and review the color sometimes we get different results when we do outside the room, in the room and or when we do it using different types of lamps. We sometime can also see different colors when viewed the object in the morning and in the afternoon.
To view the colors properly we should use the natural light, it is the light that obtained during daylight. The day light is contained  all wavelengths that build the color. Since that we should design the finishing room so that it can be light enough during the day time. The lights are installed should only be used when only the day is dark such as at night or during rainy or cloudy. This will also save the electricity consumption for lighting.
 the lamps used in the finishing room should produces natural light. We can get this lamp type in the electric shop. Since the different looked from the bulb light and the  florescence lamp, some finishing workshops complement the room with the two types of lamp. The florescence lights used should be that of the type of natural light, while the spotlight is used also the natural spotlights. 

The lamps installation in the spray booth
  • The lights installation
The main reason of lamps installation in the finishing room is to provide enough light  to make  the work piece can be more clearly visible when the finishing process is done. Therefore, the lamp must be placed correctly to give maximum advantage. The lamp should be organized and installed to provide the enough light to the work piece. Lights should be placed above the workpiece and from behind the operator with the direction toward the object that is being done. The light intensity should be enough to lighting the object and not to much, too much light especially if it is not properly installed will even disturbing the finishing work.
  • The maintenance to the lights
Finishing room is always associated with dust, there are a lot of dust are generated in the finishing room from the dust spray and the sanding process. The dust will fall, floating and stick to all the objects that exist in the finishing room, including the lamps. The lamps that have been covered with dust will be blurred and can not provide maximum light, or even change the color resulted.. Therefore, the lights in the room finishing must maintained and cleaned periodically to keep to keep produce light clearly.
  • The safety in the electrical installation.
Lights are always in need of electrical power, while the electricity is risk to produce sparks that should be minimized in the finishing room. The electrical spark when reach the finishing material can cause big fire in the finishing room. Therefore, the installation of lights should be done carefully, all electrical circuits and electrical panels must be close pack to reduce the risk of fire. Do a scheduled maintenance to the electric circuits and lamp. Dust that is collected in the electrical circuit should be cleaned periodically.

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