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Paint finish for wood furniture.

Paint finish is a finishing model that uses paint as its finishing material. The paint produces finishing color that covers its substrate underneath. In the paint finish the finishing color is determine by the paint used. Paint finish is also called as solid color or base coat color finish. Although most people want to see the wood furniture with its unique and beauty appearance of the wood, but there are also some peoples likes the paint finish. In earlier times when the clear coating is still not available, the paint finish is the only finishing model that can provide protection to the substrate underneath. The materials used for the paint finish are made from oil or natural mineral.
Now with the development of the finishing material technology, there are many paint material available to produce the paint finish with many colors and looked. Paint finish can also be made with a variety of models ranging from the antique and dirty looks with many effect to the clean and tidy looked.  There are also many special paint finish such as silver, gold, metallic, etc.

Here the materials that are used to produce paint finish 

  • Water based paint, latex paint.
 Water based paint or latex paint is the finishing material that uses water as its thinner.  This material is actually made mainly used as the wall paint. Latex paint is relatively easy to be applied and obtained. It is available everywhere and has wide range of color. It can be applied by spray or brushed to make the desired color. These materials can be applied with special technique to create many special effects such as texture effect, wash effect, stippling, etc.  For the clean and even color then this material can be applied by spray.
The uses of this material usually followed with a clear coating application to provide protection for the finishing color and looked resulted. Latex paint is water-based materials since that he needs relative long drying time and according to the temperature and humidity of the finishing room.

  • Oil paint.
Oil paint is the finishing materials that use oil as its solvent. In the past, the oil paint is the main material to produce a paint finish. This material ia available in many colors that are bright and nice. Now the use of oil paint on wood finishing is very rarely. This material is expensive and requires long drying time. This material is still widely used for a hand painted finish.
  • Base coat and enamel.
Today, base coat and enamel may become the most widely material used to produce paint finish. This material is made from pigment mixed with clear coating. There are many types of base coat is available according to the type of clear coating used. The most commonly found is PU or NC base coat. Base coat can be applied easily by spray and quickly dry. It available in many types and can be chosen according to the whole finishing systems.
Base coat is designed to dry quickly and can be sanded easily, since that it is usually applied as the base layer and need a clear coating application on it. Normally the base coat is followed by sanding and sealer and top coat application.
Enamel is the pigment mixed with the top coat. This material can produce a paint finish but this material could well serve as the last coating materials. Enamel can be used as a final finishing layer without coated with another the clear coating. Enamel can also form sheen of the finishing although somewhat limited. This material is also available in various types depending on the type of clear coating is used. But to make a smooth and even finishing layer, the enamel should be applied on the surface that is already flat and even.
  • Special paint
Instead of the paint that are made from pigment, there are also a lot of paint for special color. There are base coat with special color, such as: gold paint, silver paint, metallic paint, bronze, etc. This material is available in the many form: powder, liquid or sheet. The materials in the powder form can be mixed with clear coating as binder to make base coat form. The liquid form is the powder that is already mixed with a binder. The liquid form can be applied by brush or spray to the make finishing color needed.
The sheets form of this material is applied by attached on the surface with a special glue. It also available in many types, color and quality. 

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