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Long belt sanding machine for woodworking industry

Long belt sander is machines that widely used in the woodworking industry. The long belt sander machine uses long belt cloth sand that is continuously rotate as the abrasives to do the sanding process on the surface. The adjustment of the sanding process is done by pressing the belt  into the wood surface when he spins at which the abrasives belt sand the wood surface.
The sanding machine can produce almost a perfect smooth surface. The sanding result could be the best to prepare the wood for finishing process. This sanding machine is designed for sanding the flat surfaces but it also can be used to do the sanding on moderately uneven surfaces.
With the right techniques this machine is very effective to prepare wood surfaces before finishing process started. The sanding obtained can be very smooth with high consistency. The sanding problems that often arise in the uses of hand sander such as: the spiral marks, or uneven surfaces  can be eliminated by this sanding machine. This machine will produce sand marks in the regular line according to sanding direction. If we use the correct belt sander grade then this sanding mark is almost invisible in the finishing process. 
The sanding results obtained can be very smooth and flat is ideal for the surfaces that require the best performance such as: table top, or top cabinet, etc.
The long belt sanding machine can not be expected to do thickness calibration. It is not designed make an even surface for a big and wide panels. However, this tool can be more flexible to sand the uneven  surface

long belt sander

There things that must be considered in the uses of a stroke sander.

  • The stroke sanding machine requires an experienced operator.
This machine sanding only will give optimum result when it is used appropriately. Since that, we need a skillful operator to run this machine. The new people will require some practices and time to recognize and understand this machine before get use to run it. It works with a long belt sander that runs fast and continuously, and the assignment operator is to direct him to do the job of sanding as needed. The adjustment can be done by adjusting the speed of rotation and the time of pressing the belt to the wood surface.
  • Use a belt sander with grade belt sander gradually from the coarser to the finer.
Sanding the wood surface always need to be done gradually by using coarse grade of sand belt to the finer. In the woodworking industry, the stroke sanding usually is operated in combination with another sanding machine. The stroke sander is typically used to do the final sanding before finishing process is done for the best requirement finishing looked. For this purpose the grade belt used is usually the fine grade, the 150, 180 or 240 grade are the most common used. But of course the sanding belt with another low  grade are also available.
  • Do the proper maintenance for the equipment.
This machine will only produce optimal results when it is in a good condition. This machine need to be used and handled properly.  Although this tool is a big machine but of course it should not be used beyond its capacity. Avoid too hard pressing on the belt, since it tend to ruin the sandpaper and make the motor work hardly. Check and view the rotation before do the sanding job, if it not right it is better to stop the job and fix the machine.
The sanding belt that is already blunt must be replaced with new ones.The sanding with too fine (blunt) sanding belt will cause burn. It is when the belt is not do cutting anymore but polishing on the surface that will causes problem in the finishing process.
  • Consider the types of wood and the quality of sanding needed.
The sanding is always need to do according to  the types of wood. Soft wood like pine, maple, agathis, etc. will require different sanding techniques then the hard wood such as: teak, oak, akasia, mahogany, etc. The soft wood tends to blunt the belt sander is faster because of the more wood fibers that  stick to the belt.
The sanding process is also need to according with the surface requirement. The requirement for sanding to prepare wood surface to go to the finishing process will need different requirement to the sanding process for unfinished market product.  

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  4. Helpful article for woodworker. Actually I have been running a new woodworking shop so I wanna know on orbital sander. Do you tell me which is the best orbital sander for wood finishing?

  5. orbital sander is hand sanding machine. every brand and type has his advantage and disadvantage. First thing we need to find the most suitable according to the need, the model and type of wood product and the second is the condition and facility of the workshop.
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