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Teak oil

The term teak oil can be interpreted into 2 different things that is: the material for oil finish and the oil that is inside the teak wood. Teak oil finishing material is an oil finish that is lot used for finishing the outdoor furniture. The teak oil finish is lot uses to be used to finish the teak wood, so it is popular as the teak oil. But what we meant with the oil in this article is the oil in the teak wood. The oil in teak wood is one special characteristic of teak wood. The teak oil is an ingredient that preserve the  wood from the insect attacked. Therefore it is should be the valuable advantages of the teak wood.
But the teak oil
in the wood sometimes can interfere the finishing looked, especially when want to finished the teak wood in some specific color such as the wash finish, solid color, or paint finish. The oil from this inside will come out and emerged as a yellow brown stain in the grain or pores which interfere the finishing appearance. 
There are many ways are done to prevent the oil problem in the finishing appearance. Actually the teak oil does not interfere the finishing layer such the strength, adhesion but the the appearance. So if we can avoid the appearance problem then the finishing problem caused with this oil has been solved.
Here are the things that can be done to overcome the teak oil problem.

  • Choose the finishing with proper color and looked.
This method is the best option to solve the problem since the teak oil. By selecting the proper color and appearance, the oil from teak wood can be camouflage and does  not  interfere with the finishing appearance. Transparent finish with natural or brown color is good choice to disguise the existence of the teak oil. This method is the easiest and secure option, it does not require additional materials and processes which could be expensive. This method also has no risk for the occurrence of the oil problems later. This option should be considered as the first option when we want finish the teak wood. The brown color is also may be the best finish since it according to its base color. 
  •  Removing the oil from the wood. 
Although we already explain to our customer about the risk of oil in the teak, but sometime we have to finish the teak wood with the paint finish, solid color, or wash finish that high risk to get oil problem.  It means that we have to face the oil problem in the teak wood.  There two option to prevent the oil problem that are: to remove the oil from the wood and to block the oil too keep inside the wood.
There are some way cab be tried to remove the oil from the wood. One way to remove the teak oil is to boil it for several hours. The sawn timber is in put in the boiling water for 1 to 2 hours. By this process usually most of  the oil from the teak come out and leave the  oil free teak wood. The boiled wood then can then be taken to the oven to be dried until reach the standard moisture content needed.
The oil free wood then can be finished in any color without any problem since of the oil wood. This methods may be effective, but it we need to specify the boiling time to ensure there no more oil in the wood. The teak wood from different places may need different boiling time.
  •  Using a special finishing material to block the oil.
Some finishing materials company has made a special material that is designed to block and  close the wood grain and pore and to prevent the oil come out. But although some development has been done but the fact is there is no finishing supplier company can  assure that the teak oil will not appear in the future. In fact this material is often unable to prevent the emerged of the oil. This material also is sometimes need to be applied in thick and too close the pores and the grain and kills the beauty and uniqueness teak wood grain pattern

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  1. No matter what type of teak patio furnishings items you select, you may benefit from the use for years. Some upkeep is required. You probably can choose the extent of care that you simply wish to put into outside furniture. Care will be as easy as occasional sanding and adding a coat of teak oil.

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